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West Virginia $5,000 Apprentice Auctioneer Bond

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How much does a $5,000 West Virginia Auctioneer Apprentice Surety Bond Cost?

West Virginia Auctioneer Apprentice bonds cost as low as $100 and are issued instantly through SuretyBonds.com. Simply click Buy Now below to purchase your bond using our fast and secure bond checkout. With SuretyBonds.com, it only takes a few minutes to become bonded as a West Virginia Apprentice Auctioneer.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$5,000 Apprentice Auctioneer Bond $5,000 $100

Why do I need this bond?

The Apprentice Auctioneer Bond is for acting as an apprentice auctioneer in the public sale of real or personal property in the state of West Virginia. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture requires licensed auctioneers to post a surety bond in the amount of $5,000. The auctioneer apprentice bond is put in place to ensure that the principal is licensed as an auctioneer with the obligee, the state of West Virginia Department of Agriculture.

In compliance with the regulations of the surety bond, the auctioneer must pay all required taxes, fees, and penalties imposed by the state and its political subdivisions, as well as the payment by any auctioneer of any final judgment obtained for damages arising out of his conduct or duties as an auctioneer.

What’s the fine print?

There are a few things you should know before acquiring your WV apprentice auctioneer bond or license:

  • The State of West Virginia Apprentice Auctioneer Bond has a 1 year term
  • The provisions and requirement of this bond is stated in the WV Auctioneer Legislative Rule 61-11
  • It is the job of the principal to conform with the provisions of Chapter 19, Article 2C, Code of West Virginia, and the rules and regulations of the Agriculture Commissioner of West Virginia to avoid penalization

Auctioneer License Requirements

Auction School: Western College of Auctioneering is not currently an approved auction school in the State of West Virginia.

State Auction License Required: Yes

State License Required for Online-Only Auctions: No

Minimum Age: 18 years old

School/Apprenticeship Required: Yes

Bonding/ Insurance: $10,000.

Licensing Period: One year, expires December 31st.

Continuing Education Required: Yes, six hours annually.

Fees: Exam $50, License/Application $100, Renewal $50.

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