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Matt Bocklage

Senior Account Executive

I’d Love to Have…

a day off or a shark tooth necklace.

My Favorite Sports Team Is…

St. Louis Blues.

My Personal Philosophy Is…

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

My Goal Is…

to sail from the U.S. to Australia.

My Favorite Things are…

bourbon, skiing, hiking, golf, and tennis.

What are people saying about Matt Bocklage?

Best experience!

"WOW, is all I can say. What an easy phone call to get all the info I needed! Matt was very helpful and he knew everything I needed before I could even tell him what I needed! Beyond impressed and VERY happy I filled out the info sheet online to see if they could help. His knowledge made me feel great about my purchase and I knew I would get exactly what I needed. I was blown away. Keep it up guys. Ill for sure use you for any other needs that I have!"

Scott Smaston

Matt was knowledgeable

"Matt was knowledgeable (like letting me know how long it lasts, and if it needs to be increased, and how that would be prorated). The FedEx package came very quick. Perfect timing since i was leaving on Saturday (called on Thursday and was able to take care of everything on Friday)."


Excellent, easy, fast service. Thank you Matt :-)

"My service team member was Matt Bocklage. Matt was extremely helpful, treated me with respect and made obtaining a Business Service Bond fast and stress free. It is not easy starting a business on your own, but Surety Bonds made me feel like they want our business to succeed and helped us with the first step. Thank you for all your time and for treating me with respect."

Momonthemove Bradley