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Airline Reporting Bond

The more airline reporting professionals know about surety bond insurance, the better prepared they will be to buy or renew their airline reporting bonds. To help with this, our surety specialists have developed a simple guide to airline reporting bonds.

What is an Airline Bond?

Required by the Airline Reporting Commission (ARC), Airline Reporting Bonds, better known as airline or ARC bonds, protect customers, airline carriers, and the ARC by:

If a travel agent fails to forward any payments to the ARC or a carrier, these parties can place a claim against the bond.

How much does an airline bond cost?

Bond amounts are determined by ARC, but must be at least $20,000. Since the amount of the bond varies, the premium an applicant will pay also varies. Premiums are based on the applicant’s financial standing and start as little as 1% of the total amount of the bond.

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Learn More about ARC Bonds

ARC bonds are a type of financial guarantee bond and function as a contact between three parties:

Who Needs an ARC Bond?

Travel agents, agencies and any businesses offering airline transport to their customers need to post an ARC bond.

ARC bonds are different from travel agency bonds. Travel agency bonds guarantee your compliance in all your bookings, regardless of whether they involve airlines. Also, while ARC bonds are required by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, travel agency bonds are often required by your state. Depending on your location, you might need to obtain both bonds.

What is the fine print?

There a few things you should know about airline bonds before purchasing one:

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