Illinois Public Adjuster Licensing Guide

Illinois public adjuster guide

Before you can begin work as a public adjuster in Illinois, you must be licensed through the Department of Insurance. has developed this quick and easy guide to become a licensed public adjuster in Illinois.

Do I need a public adjuster license in Illinois?

You are required to become licensed as a public adjuster in Illinois if you:

  • Act or aid in relation to first-party claims arising under insurance contracts on behalf of an insured in adjusting a claim for loss or damage

  • Advertise for employment or solicit business as a public adjuster

  • Directly or indirectly solicit business, investigate or adjust losses, or advise about first-party claims arising out of insurance policies for another person engaged in the business of adjusting losses or damages covered by an insurance policy

Full definitions and requirements can be found in the 2010 Illinois Code.

How do I get a public adjuster license in Illinois?

Follow these steps once you’ve confirmed that your line of work requires licensure:

Take the Public Adjuster Examination

Before you can submit your Illinois Public Adjuster License Application, you must take the Public Adjuster Examination. You can register for your exam and find test information, including handbooks and content outlines, here. Information on recent changes to the exam can be explored here.

Obtain an Illinois public adjuster surety bond

Illinois public adjusters are required to obtain surety bonds to ensure that they are accountable for their professional conduct. can issue your bond instantly for just $200.

Fulfill the contract requirement

Compliance with Section 1501 of Illinois Insurance Code and Administrative Rule 3118 is required before you can conduct business as a public adjuster in Illinois. You must submit your public adjuster contract to the Department for approval and may not enter into a contract with an insured until the contract is approved.

More information on contract requirements can be in the Requirements Checklist.

Submit fingerprints to an approved Live Scan Fingerprint vendor

Your public adjuster license will not be issued until the required background check has been completed and you have paid the required fee.

Submit the Public Adjuster License Application (PA-1)

Your application must include:

  • The two-year license fee: a check or money order payable to the Director of Insurance for $250

  • Your Illinois public adjuster surety bond in the amount of $20,000; the proper bond form (Form PAB) must include the name of the principal/licensee as it appears on the application, the principal’s address as it appears on the application for license, the surety company’s name and company number, the bond number, and the original signature of the principal and the surety company’s officer or attorney-in-fact

  • Written contract approved by the Director of Insurance

  • Fingerprints approved by a Live Scan vendor

How much does an Illinois public adjuster license cost?

The fees associated with becoming a licensed public adjuster in Illinois are as follows:

  • Examination fee: $92 (includes the $50 State of Illinois Administrative fee)

  • Surety bond premium: $200 (one-year term)

  • Application fee: $250

  • Fingerprint fee: varies

Additional considerations for Illinois public adjusters

Templates for disclosures can be found below:

Need a surety bond?

If you’re an Illinois public adjuster in search of a surety bond, call 1 (800) 308-4358 to talk to a surety professional today!