Janitorial Services Bonds protect consumers, companies

Updated (April 2018): For the most up-to-date information on surety bonds for your cleaning business, please visit our 2018 Guide to Janitorial Service Bonds.

Janitorial and cleaning companies have to place a significant amount of trust in their employees.

Business owners send their workers into all manner of businesses and homes. Janitorial company employees may be scrubbing an office complex in the wee hours or cleaning residential sites during the workday. No matter the locale, business owners have to protect themselves and their customers from potentially illicit or illegal activities conducted by their employees.

That protection typically comes in the form of a Janitorial Services Bond.

These ultra-specific surety bonds insulate business owners from financial harm in the face of employee dishonesty or theft. They also give consumers an avenue of financial recourse if they can prove in court that their property was stolen.

How to Obtain These Bonds
These are among the simplest bonds for businesses to secure. Companies can get coverage amounts varying from $5,000 to $100,000. Sureties can issue the bond for a single year or up to three years. Most standard applications can be processed within a day.

In terms of surety bond cost, janitorial service bonds provide a great deal of coverage at a minimum cost. A $5,000 bond that covers no more than five employees can be obtained for as little as $100 per year in bond premiums. A $100,000 bond for up to 20 employees may cost qualified applicants around $650 annually.

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