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What Is a SE Carpenters Regional Council Union Wage Bond? 

A Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council union wage bond is part of a collective bargaining contract between a labor union and employers. This type of wage and welfare surety bond ensures that union carpenters receive all owed wages and benefits from their employers. 

How Much Do Carpenters Regional Council Wage Bonds Cost?

Depending on the type of contractor license you hold, you may need a $5,000 wage bond or a $25,000 bond. Your premium price will be calculated as a small percentage of the total bond amount, typically 1–5%. That means you could pay as low as $500 for a $5,000 Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council wage and fringe benefits bond. 

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Bond Type
$5,000Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council Bond
$20,000Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council Bond

How Do Union Wage and Fringe Benefits Bonds Work? 

If an employer of Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council Union members fails to honor collective bargaining agreements, the bond ensures the employees receive their appropriate wages. Learn more on our Union Wage and Welfare Bond Guide

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