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What Are Child Custody Bonds? 

Child custody bonds are court-based surety bonds designed to protect children throughout and after divorce proceedings. These bonds may be required by the court when there is an apparent risk to a child’s safety. 

How Much Do Child Custody Bonds Cost?

The court will decide the bond coverage you need. Premiums are a percentage of the total bond amount. For child custody bonds, premiums typically cost 1–10% of the bond amount.

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Bond Type
$1,000-$100,000Child Custody/Visitation Bond

How Do Child Custody Bonds Work? 

A court may require this bond if there is a risk to a child’s safety or potential for a violation of visitation rights. For example, a parent with a history of custody violations may need to file a surety bond if they wish to take their child on a trip. 

As with all other surety bonds, there are three parties involved: 

  • Principal: Parent purchasing the bond
  • Surety: Surety company issuing the bond
  • Obligee: Parent requesting court protection via surety bond 

How to Get a Child Custody Bond

Working with is the fastest and easiest way to get a child custody bond. Just follow these four quick steps: 

  1. Apply online at 
  2. Get a free quote within one business day
  3. Purchase your bond online or over the phone
  4. File the bond with the obligee parent and the court

How Do I Renew My Child Custody Bond?

Child custody bonds have a one-year term and require annual renewal. You must maintain an active bond until the court officially releases the obligation. Here is the simple renewal process we follow at

  1. Pay your premium online or over the phone
  2. Sign and submit any additional documentation, if required
  3. File renewal documentation with your obligee, if required

Can I Get a Child Custody Bond With Bad Credit? 

Don’t let poor credit stop you from applying for the bond you need! Our experts work hard to approve 99% of applicants. Plus, we partner with the top providers nationwide to find the best rates possible even if you have low credit. Learn more about our bad credit bonding program. 

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