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What Is an Indemnity to Sheriff Bond?

Local sheriffs are responsible for possessing items in property dispute court cases. Indemnity to sheriff bonds shield sheriffs and marshals from lawsuits filed in response to legal seizure of property as ordered by a plaintiff. 

This type of judicial surety bond may also be referred to as a Sheriff’s Indemnity Bond. 

How Does an Indemnity to Sheriff Bond Work?

A sheriff’s indemnity bond binds the plaintiff, surety provider and sheriff in a three-party legal contract:  

  • Principal: The plaintiff who is responsible for purchasing and upholding the bond 
  • Surety: The provider issuing the bond to the principal 
  • Obligee: The law enforcement official who is protected by the bond

Indemnity to sheriff bonds hold plaintiffs liable for their decisions and protect law enforcement officers from the following damages: 

  • Executing a writ that is later found invalid
  • Damaging seized property
  • Creating damages in the process of seizing property 

Sheriffs can also file a claim for reimbursement if the plaintiff fails to pay their court fees or if they incur other costs while seizing property. 

Who Needs an Indemnity to Sheriff Bond? 

Surety bonds are almost always required for seizures of valuable or sensitive property. Plaintiffs must file a surety bond before issuing a writ of execution and ordering property seizure. 

How Much Do Indemnity to Sheriff Bonds Cost?

Sheriff’s indemnity bond premiums vary by state and the amount of the judgment (value of the seized property). Typically, the price is 1–5% of the total bond coverage for applicants with good credit. Apply now for an exact quote. 

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How Fast Can I Get an Indemnity to Sheriff? 

For sheriff’s indemnity bonds up to $100,000, you can purchase instantly online. You’ll receive an immediate copy of your bond via email. If your bond amount exceeds $100,000, apply to receive a free quote within one business day.

If you’re in a rush to receive your physical bond documentation, select overnight shipping at checkout. 

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