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What Is an Attachment Bond?

A plaintiff’s attachment surety bond is a contract guaranteeing damages will be paid if a defendant’s property is wrongfully taken in a court case. These bonds are also referred to as attachment bonds or plaintiff’s bonds.

What Is the Process of Attachment?

Attachments are used in court cases between a debtor (defendant) and a creditor (plaintiff). The process of attachment refers to the court seizing property in anticipation of a favorable ruling for a plaintiff claiming to be owed money by the defendant.

If the court determines the property was wrongfully taken from the defendant, they will then determine the amount to be paid for damages.

How Much Does an Attachment Bond Cost?

Attachment bond premium prices typically range between 1% and 10% of the bond amount. The court determines the exact amount using the value of the defendant’s property for the pending claim. Oftentimes the bond amount is double the estimated value of the attached property. 

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How Does an Attachment Bond Work?

Plaintiff’s attachment bonds work by bringing three parties into a legally binding contract:

  • Principal: The creditor/plaintiff requesting the attachment of the property
  • Obligee: The court requiring the bond to ensure repayment if the debtor/defendant’s property is wrongfully taken
  • Surety: The insurance provider issuing the bond and backing the plaintiff

Attachment Bonding Requirements to Know

There are a few things to know before requesting an attachment bond:

  • You must provide court documents specifying the plaintiff, the defendant and the bond amount to the surety provider.
  • If the court has already ruled in favor of the defendant, you cannot file an attachment bond.
  • Bonds are non-cancellable and remain in effect until the judge officially releases them.
  • Only certain types of property can be used as an attachment.

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