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Replevin Bond Guide

A writ of replevin is a court order to seize or attach property that is alleged to be wrongfully held by the defendant. This process happens before the official court judgment. The attached property is held in court-supervised custody until a final decision is made.  

What Is a Replevin Bond? 

A replevin bond is a type of judicial surety bond filed by a plaintiff in a replevin lawsuit. This bond guarantees that the defendant will get their property back if they win the case, holding the plaintiff accountable for their actions. 

How Do Replevin Bonds Work? 

Replevin bonds, like all surety bonds, legally bind three parties in a contract: 

  1. Principal: The bondholder and plaintiff in the replevin lawsuit 
  2. Surety: The company issuing the bond and backing the principal’s obligation 
  3. Obligee: The defendant in the court case and beneficiary of the bond 

If the court determines the defendant has a legal right to the property, the replevin bond guarantees return of the property and repayment for legal expenses by the plaintiff to the defendant.

Who Needs a Replevin Bond? 

Legal courts may require a plaintiff to file a replevin bond if they sue to recover property from a defendant. Plaintiffs need to be bonded before a judge will award possession of property in a civil dispute prior to the official judgment. 

How Much Do Replevin Bonds Cost?

Replevin bond amounts are often set at twice the value of the attached property. The premium cost is a small percentage of the bond amount, depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness. Apply today for an exact quote. 

In some cases, the plaintiff may need to post collateral along with their bond. However, works to minimize the need for collateral whenever possible to make the replevin bonding process easy and affordable. 

How Do I Get a Replevin Bond?

You can get a replevin bond quickly and easily by applying with today. Follow these four steps: 

  1. Apply online at 
  2. Submit all required documentation
  3. Pay your invoice online or over the phone 
  4. File your bond with the court

Need assistance? Call 1 (800) 308-4358 and our surety experts will be happy to guide you. 

How Fast Can I Get a Replevin Bond? provides the fastest bonding process in the industry. Apply today and receive a free quote within one business day. 

Have the following information available to expedite the application process: 

  • Obligee name and address
  • Court case number
  • Name of the defendant 
  • Description of the related property 

If you’re in a rush, select overnight shipping at checkout. 

What’s the Difference Between Replevin Bonds vs Attachment Bonds? 

When comparing replevin bonds vs attachment bonds, there are many similarities but they are not the same. Here is the key difference between the two types of court bonds: 

  • Attachment bonds are used in lawsuits in which property is attached to secure an outstanding debt.  
  • Replevin bonds are used in lawsuits regarding legal ownership of property.

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