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How to Update Your Surety Bond Using a Bond Rider

The only legal method of updating a surety bond form without invalidating the original bond is through a document called a bond rider. Learn what bond riders are, how they work, and where to get one in this guide. 

What Is a Bond Rider?

The definition of a bond rider is a legal form used to modify the provisions of a surety bond. It can be used to update various aspects of the bond — such as name, address, coverage, term length and other details — without the need to issue a new bond. 

When Do You Need a Bond Rider? 

You may need a bond rider in the following instances: 

  • You need to extend or decrease the bond term
  • You need greater bond coverage
  • You need to update certain terms and conditions
  • The parties involved have changed
  • The original bond contained an error, such as a misspelled address
  • The legal business structure changed
  • The legal business name or address changed  

Not sure if you need a rider? Just email your provider with the requested change information. They will provide next steps and instructions.

You can reach our support team Mon–Fri by emailing [email protected]

What Information on My Bond Form Can Be Changed With a Rider? 

Here are some of the corrections a bond rider can cover: 

  • Principal(s) name
  • Trade name
  • Legal/business address
  • Bond term/expiration date
  • Ownership structure
  • Bond amount 
  • Bond number 

Not all information on a surety bond form is modifiable. Major changes may require a brand new bond.

How Much Does Getting a Bond Rider Cost? 

Many surety agencies will charge a fixed fee of $25–$40 to issue a bond rider — but not us. At, we'll issue your rider free of charge!

How to Request a Change to Your Bond Form 

If you purchased a bond and need to modify your information, submit a change request to your provider. Gather the answers to these questions: 

  • Has the bond been filed?
  • What is the exact change needed? 
  • Have you verified if the obligee has any specific instructions regarding the change?
  • Is the obligee requiring a new bond, or will they accept a rider document?
  • When does the change need to go into effect?

If you’re a current customer, email this information to [email protected].

You must confirm the exact documentation required by the obligee before a team member can process the change request. 

Can I Update My Own Surety Bond?

No, you cannot update your own bond form. Any changes you make to a bond form are not legally-binding without being reviewed, approved and issued by the surety provider. 

The obligee will always determine what document set is required for any given bond change.

How to Complete a Bond Rider Form

After receiving your bond rider, you’ll need to sign and submit the official form to the obligee. Sometimes, an attorney-in-fact will also need to sign the rider document.  

Here’s the step-by-step bond rider process: 

  1. Contact your surety provider
  2. Provide clear documentation about the necessary changes
  3. Receive approval from the surety provider 
  4. Review and sign the bond rider, and ensure any other parties sign as needed
  5. Submit the original rider form to the obligee and keep a copy for your records 

If you purchased your bond from, our experts will help determine if a bond rider is necessary and guide you through the rest of the process.

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