Contractors working with a California CSLB Limited Liability Company License

How to get a California CSLB Limited Liability Company License

This California CSLB limited liability company license guide is for informational purposes only. does not regulate or manage licensing for contractors or limited liability companies in California. Contact the California Contractors State License Board for the state's the latest official limited liability company license requirements for contractors.

In 2010, Senate Bill 392 (Chapter 698) authorized the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to issue contractor licenses to limited liability companies (LLCs) in addition to the state's standard contractor licensing. The CSLB specifically advises that "most other requirements and provisions that apply to corporate licenses also will apply to LLC licenses."

Complete the steps below to apply for your California CSLB limited liability company license.

Note: We also offer a separate comprehensive guide that outlines How to get a California Contractor License.

How to get a California CSLB Limited Liability Company License

How do I get a CSLB limited liability company license in California?

Step 1. Fill out your California contractor license application form.

You'll need to complete the CSLB Application for Original Contractor License, which is the same application required for the state's standard new contractor license. You must check the “limited liability company" box on the form to indicate you're applying for the specific LLC license. 

You must disclose every officer, member, manager, and director of your LLC on the application. Note that each individual is subject to a background check at the Contractors State License Board's discretion. 

Step 2. Purchase liability insurance.

If your business has 5 or fewer individuals listed as official members, your business must be insured for at least $1 million. An additional $100,000 in coverage is required for each additional member with a total liability insurance coverage amount not to exceed exceed $5 million.

Note: The CSLB only accepts liability insurance coverage issued by approved insurers duly licensed by the state as required by the California Department of Insurance (CDI).

Step 3. Purchase a California LLC employee/worker surety bond. 

California Business and Professions Code Section 7071.6.5 requires limited liability companies file a $100,00 surety bond before they can receive a new, reissued, reinstated, reactivated, or renewed state limited liability company license. By filing this bond, your employees and contracted workers are protected if you fail to pay wages, interest on wages, or fringe benefits.

You can apply for your California LLC employee/worker Bond online 24/7 with annual premiums starting at $2,000. Once your order has been processed, your official California LLC employee/worker bond will be emailed to you. 

Note: You might also need to file a separate California qualifying individual contractor bond with the CSLB.

Step 4. Complete a Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction form. 

Your Statement Regarding Criminal Plea/Conviction Form helps the CSLB determine if your crime relates to licensure qualifications and provides applicable criminal history rehabilitation information. This form is required for any crime committed within the last 7 years or for serious felonies and financial crimes. 

Note: The CSLB won't deny you licensure solely for your criminal history.

Step 5. Complete a Request for License Number Reissuance form. 

All LLCs must include this form with their license application packet even if you don't need your LLC number reissued for a new corporation or LLC.

Step 6. Submit your California CSLB limited liability company license application with required fees. 

You can mail your California CSLB limited liability company license application and fees to the CSLB Sacramento headquarters or submit them in person. You must pay a $235 fee by check or money order; exact cash is accepted if paying in person. Once the CSLB has processed your application, they will issue your official California limited liability company license.

You can submit your application packet by mailing it to the CSLB. 

Contractors State License Board
P.O. Box 26000
Sacramento, CA 95826

You can submit your application packet in person by visiting the CSLB Sacramento office. 

Contractors State License Board
9821 Business Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95827


Last Updated: March 13, 2024

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