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Illinois Public Adjusters who work in insurance

How to get an Illinois Public Adjuster License

This Illinois public adjuster license guide is for informational purposes only. does not regulate or manage licensing for public adjusters in Illinois. Contact the Illinois Department of Insurance for the state's latest official public adjuster license requirements. 

The Illinois Department of Insurance defines "public adjusters" as individuals who enter into a contractual agreement to assist with the preparation and settlement of claims. Public adjusters don't work on behalf of insurance agencies/companies or the government but instead work on behalf of individual clients (insureds). The Illinois Department of Insurance requires you be licensed with the state before working as a public adjuster who manages insurance claims.

You'll need to complete the following steps to apply for your Illinois public adjuster license.

How do I get a public adjuster license in Illinois?

1. Pass your Illinois public adjuster exam. 

You'll take your exam online through Pearson VUE where you can create your account and register for your exam. You can schedule your exam appointment up to 1 calendar day before your exam date. You'll need to pay a $92 exam fee that includes the $50 state of Illinois administration fee. 

2. Purchase your Illinois public adjuster surety bond.

The Illinois Department of Insurance requires you purchase a $20,000 surety bond to be filed with your public adjuster license application. You can buy your Illinois public adjuster bond online 24/7 for $200 annually with instant emailed bond delivery.

Your Illinois public adjuster surety bond is a type of insurance that ensures you comply with Illinois Compiled Statutes 215 5/1560 Section 1560 while working as a public adjuster. If you fail to fulfill your professional obligations, financial protection will be provided to the state or insureds who file valid claims against your bond. 

3. Provide your public adjuster contract and associated forms. 

You must file your public adjuster contract for Illinois Department of Insurance approval before entering into individual contracts with clients. Fill out the Public Adjuster Contract Template and ensure it meets all requirements outlined in the official Illinois Public Adjuster Contracts Checklist.

You'll also need to provide a Full Financial Interest Disclosure Form and a General Disclosure Form for Illinois Department of Insurance review and approval.

4. Submit your fingerprints to an approved Live Scan fingerprint vendor.

You must pass a background check by getting your fingerprints electronically documented by a Live Scan fingerprint vendor approved by the Department of Justice. You'll need to bring your completed fingerprint consent form to your Live Scan appointment. Note that Live Scan won't contact you with results; they'll contact the Illinois Department of Insurance directly. 

5. Submit your Illinois public adjuster license application. 

You'll complete your entire Illinois public adjuster license application process online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) electronic filing system where you'll upload your contracts, bond documents, and fingerprint records. You'll also pay your $250 application fee online. Any checks or application materials mailed to the Department of Insurance will be returned to you. 


How do I renew my Illinois public adjuster license?

You must renew your license annually and pay the $250 renewal fee. Your Illinois public adjuster license renewal period will begin 90 days before your license expires based on your original license issuance date. You can renew your license online through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) account you used for your initial license. Partial and late renewal applications won't be accepted, and you'll need to redo the licensing process completely if you fail to renew on time during the designated period.

Last Updated: August 28, 2023

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