Insurance professionals working with a North Carolina Public Adjuster License

How to get a North Carolina Public Adjuster License

This North Carolina public adjuster license guide is for informational purposes only. does not regulate or manage licensing for public adjusters in North Carolina. Contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance for the state's latest official public adjuster license requirements.

North Carolina General Statutes Section 58-33A-5 defines a public adjuster as any person who:

  • aids or negotiates first party insurance claims on behalf of an insured
  • advertises or solicits business or represents themselves as a public insurance adjuster
  • directly or indirectly solicits business, investigates or adjusts losses, or advises insureds about first-party insurance claims for losses or damages

North Carolina General Statutes Section 58-33A-10 requires individuals be licensed before working as a public adjuster.

Complete the following steps to apply for your North Carolina public adjuster license with the Department of Insurance.

How to get a North Carolina Public Adjuster License

How do I get a public adjuster license in North Carolina?

Step 1: Complete your North Carolina public adjuster license application.

You must complete your application online through the National Insurance Producer Registry. You must pay all North Carolina Resident Fees for your initial or reinstatement license application to NIPR via credit/debit card, electronic check, or PayPal.

If you do not complete all license requirements within 6 months of your application date, you must reapply and repay all fees.

NIPR will electronically send your application to the North Carolina Pearson VUE Licensing Office.

Step 2: Submit your fingerprints (if applicable).

Fingerprints are not required for nonresident public adjuster license applicants. However, if you receive a license you must maintain a place of residence in North Carolina and provide a complete set of fingerprints for a state and federal criminal history background check. Fingerprints must be provided to the Commissioner of North Carolina within 30 days of your application submission. You can provide fingerprints by email after the state receives your NIPR application.

11 NCAC 6A.0906 outlines fingerprinting submission requirement rules. Fingerprint submission forms and instructions will only be available after your application has been submitted.

Step 3: Schedule and pass your North Carolina insurance exam.

Within 1 hour of submitting your NIPR application, you'll receive an email from Pearson VUE advising how to schedule your exam. You must call Pearson VUE to schedule your exam and provide information from the email authorization to verify your approval to test. You must schedule your exam at least 24 hours ahead of time as walk-in exams are not available.

The North Carolina insurance exam consists of 150 questions and covers a wide range of topics with the intent to “reflect the laws, statutes, rules, and regulations for the practice of insurance in North Carolina.” You can review the North Carolina Insurance Licensing Examination Candidate Guide and take practice exams on the Pearson VUE website.

Pearson VUE will send your exam results to NIPR within 48-72.

Step 4: Purchase your North Carolina public adjuster surety bond.

North Carolina Statutes Section 58-33A-50 requires individuals purchase and file a minimum $20,000 surety bond to be filed with their state public adjuster license application. This bond authorizes recovery by the Commissioner of Insurance of the State of North Carolina on behalf of any person who suffers damage as the result of the adjuster’s erroneous acts, failure to act, conviction of fraud, or conviction of unfair practices made against an individual.

You can buy your North Carolina public adjuster surety bond online 24/7 for $200 annually. Once your payment has been processed, your official North Carolina public adjuster bond form will be emailed to you instantly.

How do I renew my North Carolina public adjuster license?

You must renew your North Carolina public adjuster license annually by paying the annual license fee. When it's time to renew your license, the Department of Insurance will send you a renewal email notice. You must pay your online renewal fee via the National Insurance Producer Registry.

What are the North Carolina public adjuster license continuing education requirements?

If you hold a North Carolina public adjuster license, you must complete 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years, regardless of how many licenses you hold. You can locate continuing education courses and providers on Sircon's website. Once on the website, choose “Look up Courses or Transcript.”

If you fail to meet the continuing education requirement by the end of your compliance period, your North Carolina public adjuster license will become inactive.

Last Updated: October 19, 2023

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