Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission License

How to Get a Texas ABC License

This Texas ABC license guide is for informational purposes only. SuretyBonds.com does not regulate or manage licensing for liquor retailers in Texas. Contact the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for the latest official requirements.

How to Get a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission License

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Section 11.01 states a permit must be issued before an individual can “​​manufacture, distill, brew, sell, possess for the purpose of sale, import into this state, export from this state, transport, distribute, warehouse, or store liquor; solicit or take orders for liquor; or for the purpose of sale, bottle, rectify, blend, treat, fortify, mix, or process liquor.” 

Follow the six steps below to get your TABC license. 

How to Get a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission License

How to Get a Texas Liquor License in 6 Steps

Step 1. Create an Alcohol Industry Management System (AIMS) account

The TABC allows you to complete your licensing application online. Register with AIMS to begin onboarding. If you need help using your AIMS account, the TABC offers how-to steps

Step 2. Determine your license type

There are various license types involved with alcohol sales in Texas. Select the correct license type when you begin your application. If you are unsure what type of license your business needs, contact the TABC at 1 (512) 206-3333.

Step 3. Complete business registration. 

After establishing your business, you must register with the Texas Secretary of State and Comptroller of Public Accounts.  

Step 4. Meet all signage requirements

If your business sells alcohol, you’re required to have signs notifying consumers.  You may need to put up certain signage depending on your business type. Some of the required signs include: 

  • 60-day new business sign
  • Human trafficking sign
  • Consumption warning sign
  • Complaint sign 
  • Red handgun warning sign
  • Health risk warning signs 

Step 5. File a TABC surety bond (if required)

The TABC requires certain businesses to either provide a bond, letter of credit or certificate of deposit. If required, submit your completed bond online through AIMS.

SuretyBonds.com offers the following bonds pertaining to alcohol sales in Texas: 

  • Alcohol Beverage Commission Conduct Bond: Required if you do not have a Food and Beverage Certificate. Businesses less than 1,000 feet away from a public school need a $5,000 bond. Businesses greater than 1,000 feet away from a public school need a $10,000 bond.
  • Alcohol Beverage Commission Performance Bond: Only required if you are located in Bexar, Dallas, Harris or Tarrant county, have a Retailer Dealer’s On-Premise License or Wine and Beer Retailer's Permit, and don’t have a Food and Beverage Certificate. 
  • Brewer and Manufacturer Fee Interest Bond: Only required if you plan to get or are already in an alternating brewery proprietorship or contract brewing arrangement, have either a Brewers License or Non-Resident Brewers License, and don’t hold a fee interest. 

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts also requires individuals getting a mixed beverage tax permit to file a mixed beverage sales tax bond.

Ready to get bonded? You can buy your Texas ABC Conduct Bond online now. 

Step 6. Complete and submit your application in AIMS

Once you determine your license type and compile all documentation and payments, set up an appointment to notarize your application. Then, submit your completed application through your AIMS account. 

The TABC still accepts paper applications for those not wanting to complete the process online. To do so, print and mail the completed application and payment to the address below: 

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

PO Box 13127 

Austin, TX 78711-3127

Permit approval typically takes 45–60 days. You can review your application status on your AIMS account. 

What Does the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Do?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission enforces licensing requirements and regulations for businesses under the Alcohol Beverage Code to protect public safety. 

How Do I Renew my Texas ABC License?

Renew your license online through your AIMS account or submit a renewal form by mail or in person at the TABC office. If you choose to mail in your form, approval will take longer. 

How Much Does a Liquor License Cost in Texas?

Most liquor license fees range from $500 to $4,000. Use the TABC fee chart to find your exact amount. You must pay your liquor license fee every two years. 

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