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Preneed Funeral Bond Guide

Most states require preneed surety bonds to hold funeral homes accountable for honoring contract arrangements and handling funds appropriately. Continue reading to learn more about preneed funeral surety insurance.

What Is a Preneed Funeral Bond?

Individuals can arrange and pay for funeral plans in advance to ensure fulfillment of their requests upon passing. Preneed funeral bonds hold funeral homes financially liable for misappropriated funds or contract breaches. They also protect customers if a funeral home goes out of business. 

Funeral Home Bond Requirements by State

Preneed funeral bond costs and requirements vary greatly because each state establishes specific regulations and bond amounts. Select your state below for more information about preneed funeral bonds in your area:

How Much Does a Preneed Funeral Bond Cost?

Preneed funeral surety bond costs typically range from 2% to 5% of the bond amount. This means a standard $50,000 funeral bond would likely cost $1,000–$2,500 for one year of coverage

Your exact cost will depend on factors including: 

  • Bond amount
  • Credit score
  • Other financial credentials 

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Due to the high risk associated with preneed funeral bonds, applicants must have a credit score of 700+ to qualify.

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At, we offer the best service, fastest delivery and most affordable funeral home bonds in the industry. Get your bond in just four easy steps: 

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How Do Preneed Funeral Bonds Work?

In the bond contract, a funeral home pledges to the state that it will conduct business according to the bond obligations. The surety insurance provider backs this pledge by producing the bond and mediating potential issues between the consumer and the funeral home.

How Are Bond Claims Handled for Funeral Homes?

If there is a breach of contract or fund misappropriation, a funeral home client can file a claim and start the following process: 

  1. The surety validates the claim and assesses damages. 
  2. The harmed party receives payment up to the full bond amount. 
  3. The funeral home must repay the surety company for all losses. 

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