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Plaintiff's Attachment Bond

How much does a plaintiff’s-attachment bond cost?

Plaintiff’s-attachment bond premiums vary on a case-by-case basis. The cost of the bond depends on the value of the defendant’s property during the pending claim. If the court determines that the property was wrongfully taken from the defendant, they will then determine the amount to be paid. SuretyBonds.com can instantly issue these bonds for amounts up to $400,000 with premiums typically ranging from 1-10%.

To get a plaintiff’s-attachment bond, contact a surety bond expert at 1 (800) 308-4358 or apply online! They will help you through the entire process. Once the premium payment has been processed, your bond will be issued. At which point, you will receive a copy of your bond via email, and your original bond form will be sent to you with your preferred shipping method. Don’t worry if you’re in a hurry, overnight shipping is available at your request.

Why do I need this bond?

A plaintiff’s-attachment bond is required when a plaintiff wishes to attach the defendant’s property as security for a pending claim. A sheriff would take possession of the property prior to the case going to trial, and the bond guarantees that the principal/plaintiff will pay damages if the court determines that the property was wrongfully taken from the defendant.

What’s the fine print?

In order to issue these bonds, applicants must provide court documents showing the plaintiff, the defendant and the bond amount. These bonds are unable to be issued if the court has already ruled in favor of the defendant. These court bonds cannot be canceled and will remain in effect until the judge releases it when the case is decided or the dispute is settled outside of court.These bonds are typically in force for just one year.

Work with the experts at SuretyBonds.com and get your plaintiff’s-attachment bond quote today!