Arkansas Used Tire Transporter Bond

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How much will a $10,000 Arkansas used tire transporter bond cost?

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Bond Type
$10,000Used Tire Transporter Bond

Why do I need this bond?

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality requires used tire transporters to obtain a $10,000 surety bond to guarantee performance of all applicable duties. The bond also guarantees compensation is available for any consumers harmed by the transporter’s failure to abide by all relevant rules and regulations as they pertain to the operation of a used tire program.

Specifically, the Arkansas used tire transporter surety bond ensures tire transporters follow the regulations and guidelines established in Arkansas House Bill 1267, section 8-9-411, that created the used tire recycling and 22 accountability program.

What’s the fine print?

An Arkansas used tire transporter bond is issued to run continuously, meaning the transporter must renew the bond annually for as long as they wish to continue operations. The surety may cancel the bond at any time by providing the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality with 60 days’ written notice of intent to cancel.

Getting an Arkansas used tire transporter license

Anyone engaging in the collection and transporting whole, used or waste tires, processed tires, or tire residuals for storage, processing, recycling, reuse, resale, or energy recovery is considered a tire transporter and must be licensed by the department. The following documentation must be submitted by an applicant to be considered for a license:

  • Disclosure statement
  • Tire site notification
  • Tire transport application
  • Copies of current vehicle insurance and driver licenses for all drivers
  • Check or money order to cover ADEQ licensing fees

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