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California Oil and Gas Well Bond

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How much does an oil and gas well bond cost in California?

The California Department of Conservation’s Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources requires operators that drill, deepen or alter wells in the state to post a surety bond for wells being worked on. The required bond amounts can be determined in our table below, ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000. All CA oil and gas well bonds are subject to underwriting consideration, meaning the price depends on your required bond amount and a review of your personal credit report. Request your free bond quote now!

Bond Type
$25,000Oil and Gas Well BondLess than 10,000 feet total depth
$40,000Oil and Gas Well BondGreater than10,000 feet total depth
$200,000Oil and Gas Well Bond20 - 50 onshore wells, excluding idle well coverage
$400,000Oil and Gas Well BondGreater than 50 onshore wells, excluding idle well coverage
$1,000,000Oil and Gas Well BondOne or more offshore wells
$2,000,000Oil and Gas Well BondAll onshore wells, including idle wells

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Why do I need this bond?

By posting a California individual oil and gas well surety bond, principals (oil and gas well professionals) pledge to fully comply with the provisions of Division 3 of the Public Resources Code and all rules and regulations of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor or the district deputy or deputies.

Violations of these terms include:

  • Failing to keep an accurate log of the drilling
  • Causing harmful substances to penetrate underground or surface water
  • Causing unnecessary damage to the environment

If the principal fails to conduct business in accordance with the letter of the law and the terms of the surety bond contract, the bond protects harmed parties from financial loss up to the full penal sum of the bond.

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Can well operator bonds be canceled?

According to the California Department of Conservation, operators planning to re-drill and rework existing oil wells in the state must post a surety bond. Individual oil and gas well bonds in California remain in full force and effect as long as the principal remains in compliance with the terms of the surety bond agreement.

The surety can cancel the bond according to the provisions of Section 3207 of the Public Resources Code. The bond is valid until the work on the well is completed to the satisfaction of the project’s supervisor.

What are the licensing requirements?

Operators planning to work on existing oil and gas wells in California must obtain a permit from the Department of Conservation before they can begin work. To receive a Permit to Rework/Re-drill Well, applicants must submit a Notice of Intention to Rework/Re-drill Well. Required information includes:

  • Depth of the well
  • Casing record of the well
  • Present and anticipated zone pressure
  • Present and anticipated completion zone
  • Operator’s name, address & telephone number

Applicants planning to plug or abandon a well must submit a Notice to Abandon/Re-Abandon Well to the department.

In addition to a permit, you need a surety bond to perform work on an oil or gas well in California. Take a few minutes to fill out our online bond form to begin our fast and easy bonding process!

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