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Colorado Certificate of Title Bond

How much does a certificate of title bond cost in Colorado?

The price you’ll pay for a Colorado certificate of title bond is based on the appraised value of the vehicle. In Colorado, the bond amount must cover at least twice the value of the vehicle, which is determined by the Tax Division of the Department of Revenue.

If the bond amount is less than $6,000, SuretyBonds.com can instantly issue your bond for just $100. If the bond amount is greater than $6,000, but less than $25,000, we can instantly issue your bond without the need of a credit check.

Bonds in amounts greater than $25,000 are subject to underwriting.

SuretyBonds.com offers Colorado certificate of title surety bonds for 3 years at a time!

Contact a surety expert to get a free, personalized bond quote, or, if you qualify, to get bonded instantly with no credit check required!

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
Less than $6,000 Certificate of Title Bond Less than $6,000 $100 Apply Now
$6,000-$25,000 Certificate of Title Bond $6,000-$25,000 $15 for every $1,000 ($100 minimum) Apply Now
$25,000+ Certificate of Title Bond $25,000+ Subject to Underwriting Apply Now
*The bond premium rate quotes provided to you through this website are for pricing comparisons and quotation estimate purposes only. The bond rate quotes provided are based on general assumptions that may or may not be applicable to you and are subject to change at any time. These rate quotes do not constitute an offer of insurance, nor is any contract, agreement, or bond coverage implied, formed or bound by the provision of rate quotes. Bondability, final bond premium rate quotes and an offer of insurance, if any, will be determined by the insurance company providing your bond. You must contact us directly to obtain a quote for binding purposes.

Call us today at 1 (800) 308-4358 or fill out our online bond request form. Our surety experts will help you get the bond you need right away!

Why do I need this bond?

A Colorado certificate of title bond is required if the principal does not physically possess the title to his or her newly-purchased vehicle. If the previous or new owner is unable to prove ownership of the vehicle due to lost, stolen or defective documentation, the bond provides security. By posting this bond, car owners guarantee that the vehicle was not stolen or sold or acquired under fraudulent circumstances.

With dependable service nationwide, SuretyBonds.com is a convenient and safe way to be bonded quickly, easily and accurately! Give us a call today at 1 (800) 308-4358 or fill out our online bond request form. We’re here to help you get the bond you need.

What’s the fine print?

To apply for this bond, applicants must know the make, model, year, and vehicle identification number of the vehicle. The applicant must also know the appraised value of the vehicle.

Colorado certificate of title bonds remain valid for three years from the date of issuance.

What do I need to do first?

There are a few steps to follow to successfully recover a title, but if the applicant completes each step, the new buyer will legally be able to purchase and title the vehicle. These steps include:

  • having the motor vehicle inspected and a certified VIN inspection form completed by a certified Colorado Law Enforcement officer
  • requesting a “Colorado Title Record Search” form (if liens are revealed, notices must be given)
  • establishing the reasonable appraised value of the motor vehicle pursuant to CRS 42-6-115(3)(a)
  • obtaining your Colorado certificate of title bond

Once all of these steps are completed successfully, submit the entire application package and the title bond to the DMV office in your county.

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Additional Resources

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