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Florida Credit Service Organization Bond

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How much will a Florida credit service organization bond cost?

A $10,000 Florida credit service organization bond is subject to underwriting, meaning an underwriter will take credit history and/or financials into consideration before providing the cost, also called the premium. The premium for qualified applicants typically starts around $100. As premiums vary, submit an application to find out the exact cost of your Florida CSO surety bond. works hard to get you bonded for the best possible rate. Don’t let poor credit discourage you from applying! We believe every customer should be able to purchase a bond, which is why we created a Bad Credit Surety Bond Program, through which 99% of applications are approved.

Bond Type
$10,000Credit Service Organization Bond

What is a credit service organization bond?

A credit service organization bond is a type of surety bond that protects the financial interests of consumers if the principal, the credit service organization, does not apply by all regulations and does not complete the services agreed upon. This bond also protects the obligee, the Florida Department of Banking and Finance, from any claims made by the consumer against the principal.

Credit service organization bonds remain in effect until they are canceled. These bonds may be canceled by the surety company with 30 days' written notice to the obligee.

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Credit service organization bond requirements

A credit service organization bond in Florida is required by the Florida Department of Banking and Finance to obtain a $10,000 surety bond if they wish to charge or receive any compensation for services prior to their completion. In addition to obtaining a surety bond, a trust account must be established at a federally insured bank or a savings and loan associated located in Florida. These requirements can be found in Chapter 817.7005 of the 2019 Florida Statutes pertaining to Fraudulent Practices.

This surety bond requirement will be waived of salespeople, agents, or representatives of a credit service organization that has obtained its surety bond and established a trust account. However, if the company has not met these requirements, employees may obtain a surety bond and set up a trust account themselves to obtain compensation prior to service completion.

Learn how to start a Florida credit services organization by reviewing our comprehensive guide.

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