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Georgia $2,500 Liquor Broker Bond

Cost: $100.00 / 1-year term

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How much does a liquor broker bond cost in Georgia?

The Alcohol and Tobacco Division of the Georgia Department of Revenue requires liquor brokers to post surety bonds in the amount of $2,500. Liquor broker bonds are issued instantly and start at $100, however, the premium may be prorated due to the bond’s term ending on December 31st.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$2,500 Liquor Broker Bond $2,500 Starts at $100

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Why do I need this bond?

A Georgia liquor broker bond holds liquor brokers responsible if they breach the provisions of the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code (Title 3, Chapter 4). A claim can be filed against the bond if the principal (liquor broker) does not adhere to this code. See the Georgia Alcoholic Beverage Code in the “Additional Resources” section on this page for further information.

If the obligee wishes to file a claim that the courts find to be valid, the surety will cover the incurred damages up to the penal sum of the bond ($2,500). Once the claim has been settled, the principal must reimburse the surety for any damages paid out.

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What’s the fine print?

Georgia liquor broker bonds remain in effect until December 31 of the calendar year they are issued and must be renewed annually if brokers wish to remain in operation. If either the surety, principal or obligee decide to terminate the bond, notice to the other parties of the agreement must be provided in writing, no less than 60 days prior to the cancellation’s effective date. The surety remains liable for all valid claims made during this 60-day period.

How to become a liquor broker in Georgia

To operate a business dealing with alcohol in Georgia, applicants must obtain licenses at three different levels of government— local, state and federal— and a surety bond is required in order to become licensed. Once the bond is accepted, the Georgia Department of Revenue will issue a local license, which is required in order to have state and federal licenses issued.

The requirements for individual licenses vary from one local municipality to another, so applicants must contact their local authorities for more information regarding local licensing requirements.

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