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Iowa Certificate of Title Bond

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How much does an Iowa certificate of title bond cost? 

Iowa certificate of title bond costs start at $100. The exact cost will vary depending on the surety bond amount required by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

  • Bond amounts up to $6,000 cost $100.
  • Bond amounts from $6,001 to $50,000 cost $15 for every $1,000 of coverage, starting at $100.
  • Bond amounts higher than $50,000 must be reviewed by an underwriter for pricing, starting at $750.

How do you get a bonded title in Iowa?

You can purchase an Iowa certificate title bond online 24/7. You must provide the following information for Department of Transportation approval.

  • name
  • county
  • vehicle book value
  • vehicle identification number (VIN) 
  • year
  • make

Once your payment is processed, your official bond documents will be delivered to your email instantly.

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*Note: If your bond amount is more than $50,000, your purchase order will be reviewed by a team member before your documents are emailed.

Bond Type
$100-$6,000Certificate of Title Bond
$6,001-$50,000Certificate of Title Bond
$50,001-$1,000,000Certificate of Title Bond
$100-$6,000Certificate of Title Bond for Boat, Snowmobile, ATV
$6,001-$25,000Certificate of Title Bond for Boat, Snowmobile, ATV
$25,001-$100,000Certificate of Title Bond for Boat, Snowmobile, ATV

What is an Iowa certificate of title bond?

Iowa Code Chapter 321 Section 24 requires individuals file a surety bond for vehicle registration if they have unsatisfactory ownership proof. The Iowa title bond protects any prior owner or future owner from expenses, losses, or damages resulting from certificate of title issuance. If the original vehicle title is found and a valid claim is made on the bond, the surety company will pay harmed parties up to the full bond amount. The bonded vehicle owner must then reimburse the surety company.

Common reasons for a unsatisfactory proof of ownership include:

  • lost, stolen, or damaged vehicle titles
  • inaccurate VIN or vehicle information 
  • the vehicle is older than 25 years and junked
  • security interest cannot be released

Who registers vehicles in Iowa? 

The Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division regulates vehicle registration, including requirements, for vehicles with lost, stolen, or missing titles. Your lost title surety bond must be submitted to the Iowa DOT within 30 days.

Iowa title bonds are used to register vehicles. If you plan to sell vehicles, a separate Iowa motor vehicle dealer bond is required.

How do I determine my bond amount?

Your Iowa surety bond amount must be 1.5 times your vehicle value. If you need help determining your exact required bond amount, contact the Iowa DOT before purchasing your title surety bond.

How do I update my certificate of title bond form?

If the Iowa Department of Transportation requires your surety bond documentation to be updated for any reason, contact your surety provider. If you purchased your bond from, email [email protected] to explain the needed change. 

The most common changes for these bonds include updating the: 

  • name
  • county
  • vehicle information

Does your Iowa bonded title expire?

Your Iowa title bond expires 3 years from its effective date and does not renew. At that time the Iowa Department of Transportation may return the bond if the vehicle is no longer registered in the state and evidence of the original certificate is provided.

How do I get an Iowa bonded title?

Review the Bonded Certificate of Title information on the Iowa Department of Transportation website and follow the steps listed below.

  1. Submit the Application for Registration and Bonded Certificate of Title for a Vehicle with written proof of ownership, such as a bill of sale or canceled check. Once the Iowa DOT reviews the documents, they will look for an active title for the vehicle. If a record is found but the current owner does not respond or waives the claim, the bonding process will continue.
  2. File a surety bond with your county treasurer.
  3. Send the county treasurer's surety bond receipt and authorization letter to the Iowa Bureau of Investigations and Identity Protection.
  4. After receiving an authorization letter, pay the application fees and register your vehicle with the county treasurer within 30 days.

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