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Louisiana Public License Tag Agent Bond

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How much does a public license tag agent bond in Louisiana cost?

Public tag agent, or public license tag agent, bonds are required by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase a surety bond. Following the passage of House Bill 445 in 2015, public tag agents must post a $100,000 surety bond if they have only one office in the state. If they have more than one office, agents must post a $125,000 surety bond.

Public tag agent bonds are subject to underwriting, which means that your premium will be determined after a review of your personal financial history. Don’t worry if your credit isn’t the best — our surety bond experts can help you get your best available rate. Call us at (800) 308-4358 or apply for your free quote online.

Bond Type
$100,000Public License Tag Agent BondSingle Location
$125,000Public License Tag Agent BondMultiple Locations

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Why do tag agents need a surety bond?

Public tag agents are authorized to perform the following duties:

  • Collect registration license taxes and sales and use taxes
  • Issue registration certificates and vehicle license plates
  • Receive and process certificate of title and duplicate and corrected certificates of title applications
  • Administer knowledge and skills tests to Class E and D driver’s license applicants
  • Additional business including conversions and transfers of plates, replacement of lost or stolen plates and stickers, registration renewals, and recording of liens and mortgages

The public tag agent surety bond ensures that the agent will not commit any of the violations in Louisiana Revised Statutes 47.532.2. Prohibited actions include the following:

  • Operating with an expired contract or without a contract for each business location
  • Issuing more than one temporary registration (T-marker) or issuing a T-marker without first collecting all taxes and fees
  • Operating without a valid surety bond
  • Failure to remit taxes and fees from applicants for title transfers
  • Operating from an unapproved location
  • Conviction of or entered guilty or nolo contendere plea to a felony or any fraud-related criminal charge

What’s the fine print?

Here’s a little more information on Louisiana public tag agents:

  • Public tag agents are not government entities but do provide government-mandated services.
  • Agents must be licensed by and contracted with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
  • Elected officials and state employees cannot become public tag agents in Louisiana.

Contact the Office of Motor Vehicles to find out how you can register to become a public license tag agent in Louisiana.

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