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Maryland Health Club Bond

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How much does a health club bond cost in Maryland?

The required amount of a Maryland health club bond depends upon whether or not the club is a new establishment. For new establishments, the required amount is set at $50,000. For existing establishments, the amount should adequately cover all liabilities and sales. The bond amount should be increased accordingly as the club’s profits exceed $50,000, but the bond should not exceed $200,000.

The amount you’ll pay for your Maryland health club surety bond depends directly on your personal credit report.

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Bond Type
$25,000-$200,000Health Club Bond

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Why do I need this bond?

This bond offers protection to a facility’s members and the state if it were to close or file bankruptcy. This bond ensures members that you and your employees will conduct business ethically and in accordance with the law.

Your health club must be bonded if it does any of the following:

  • collects or accepts more than three months of payment from any member in advance of providing services (including annual fees)
  • collects or charges an initiation fee or any other up-front fee from any member in an amount of more than $200
  • has not yet opened a facility, but has collected money in advance for services to be provided at a planned facility or facility that’s under construction

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What’s the fine print?

This bond is required by the state of Maryland Attorney General. For existing establishments, the amount of the bond must be large enough to cover all financial liabilities and payments to be refunded to customers. The “outstanding liabilities” of a business is the difference between the amount of money each consumer has paid for services and the value of services the club has provided to the consumer. For members who pay every month, outstanding liabilities include payment for one full month’s dues.

Health club bonds in Maryland are continuous until canceled. The state requires surety companies to provide at least 45 days’ notice before canceling a bond.

How to become a health club in Maryland

A new health club business must register with the Consumer Protection Division before operating. An already-registered health club must update its registration annually by September 1.

As part of the initial application, a business is required to submit:

  • a completed general registration application
  • a certification of good standing
  • a description of health services offered
  • contact and business phone numbers and addresses
  • a list of all locations in operation
  • a list of officers, directors and shareholders with contact information for each
  • a statement of compliance with financial accountability requirements under the Maryland Code
  • a registration fee of $1,200 for a bonded business
  • a sample of a customer payment contract for the club

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