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Maryland Title Service Agent Bond

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How much does a $50,000 title service agent bond cost in Maryland?

A $50,000 Maryland title service agent bond costs as little as $500 for highly qualified applicants, although the exact price an applicant will pay depends on a review of his or her credit by an underwriter. Applicants with lower credit may still be approved, but they should expect to pay a higher premium for their bond—typically between 4% and 10% of the total bond amount.

Bond Type
$50,000Title Service Agent Bond

Why do title service agents need a surety bond?

The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration requires title service agents to file a $50,000 title service agent bond, also called a motor license agent surety bond, to become licensed in the state. Title agents cannot provide any title tag services without a proper license. This bond ensures the title service agent accurately logs vehicle registrations, vehicle titles, drivers’ licenses, certified copies of records, and other related documents according to the Transportation Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Additionally, this bond protects against actions such as:

  • Acts of fraud against the administration or the public
  • Advertisements in such a manner that would imply the agent is associated with the administration or another disassociated body
  • Conducting business in a way which is detrimental to the administration or to the public

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Terms of a motor license agent surety bond

The term of the title agent’s surety bond must run concurrently with the business license term. Title agent bonds are continuous until canceled and must be renewed for as long as the title agent keeps their license active. If the surety cancels the bond, it must provide written notice 45 days prior to the proposed cancellation date.

How to become a title service agent in Maryland

To become a licensed title service agent, or auto tag distributor, follow the directions in the Title Service Agent License Application Instructions packet. The application and required forms are all attached to the packet. Applicants will need to obtain and submit the following with a completed application:

  • Zoning Approval Form (CS-053)
    This must be presented to the Zoning Board in the county/city where the business is located, and a representative of the Zoning Board must complete the lower portion of the form.
  • Verification of Business Registration
    This includes a form/letter that proves applicant is registered to do business in Maryland.
    Both corporate and trade names must be registered.
  • Completed Site Inspection
    An investigator must visit and inspect the business location to ensure compliance with the Maryland Code of Regulations.
    Upon approval, the investigator will initial the application and will check whether applicant passed or failed the inspection.
    To schedule the site inspection, applicants should contact the MVA Investigation Division at 410-768-7216.
  • Licensing Orientation Request
    Applicant must attend a business licensing orientation before getting a license.
    Complete the form attached at the bottom of the instructions packet and submit to the Business Licensing and Consumer Services Division.
  • Licensing Fee
    $112.50 for a 2-year license
  • Copy of ERT Contract
    All new licensees are required to contract with an Electronic Registration and Titling (ERT) provider.
  • Criminal Background Check
    If applicant lives or has lived in another state within the last year, he or she must provide a criminal record from that state in addition to the Maryland record check.
  • $50,000 Surety Bond of Title Service Agent (CS-071)
    The bond must be in the full name of the title service including any trade name, and it must reflect the full name of all officers, partners, or owners exactly as shown on the application.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    If applicant has workers’ compensation insurance, they must complete information requested on the application.
    If applicant is claiming exemption from providing Worker’s Compensation Insurance for employees, they should contact the Workers’ Compensation Office to obtain information and the appropriate forms.
  • Use and Occupancy Permit
    This is only required by applicants using a trailer as an office.

Upon completion, the application packet and all materials must be mailed to the following address:

Motor Vehicle Administration
BL&CS, Room 146
6601 Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie, MD 21062

Once the license is issued, it should be displayed in a prominent location within the title agent’s office.

Additionally, the agent is required to maintain records for a minimum period of 3 years for the benefit and access of the administration. These records should include excise tax collection, title and registration fees, customer names and addresses, and vehicle makes, years, ID numbers, and types of transactions made.

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