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Michigan Professional Investigator or Agency Bond

Cost: $250 / 3 year term
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How much does a professional investigator bond cost in Michigan?

The state of Michigan requires professional investigators and agencies to post a $10,000 surety bond. issues Michigan private investigator or agency bonds instantly for just $250! Simply click Buy Now to purchase your bond online via our secure bond checkout.

Bond Type
$10,000Professional Investigator or Agency Bond

Why do I need this bond?

Surety bonds for professional investigators and agencies in Michigan are put in place to ensure these professionals faithfully and honestly conduct business, including complying with all rules and regulations found in the Michigan Professional Investigator Licensure Act (Act 285 of 1965).

What’s the fine print?

Michigan professional investigator and agency surety bonds are issued for three years and are continuous until canceled. In the event of the bond’s cancellation, the surety underwriting company must provide the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs with 30 days’ written notice prior to the termination date. The surety company is liable for any breach of the surety contract up to the effective date of cancellation.

How to become a professional investigator or agency in Michigan

To become a law enforcement officer, you must submit the following materials with your application:

  • Two recent color photos of applicant, partners, members and corporate officers
  • Employment Verification Forms
  • Bond or liability insurance
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization
  • Copy of Certificate of Co-Partnership from County Clerk’s office where business is located
  • Assumed Name Certificate or a DBA if using a name other than their own or different from corporation or organization name.
  • Five notarized Personal Reference Forms from individuals who can attest they have known applicant and his or her qualifications for at least five years and believe applicant is honest and competent

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