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Missouri Sales and Use Tax Bond

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How much does a sales and use tax bond cost in Missouri?

The cost of a Missouri sales and use tax bond is based on the bond amount required of the principal, and the bond amount is determined by the retailer’s monthly sales tax figures. It’s best to verify your required bond amount with the state to expedite the process of getting bonded.

These bonds are subject to underwriting consideration. Because the required amount and pricing vary so much for Missouri sales and use tax bonds, we recommend giving us a call at 1 (800) 308-4358 or filling out our easy online quote form.

Bond Type
$500-$100,000Sales and Use Tax Bond

What is a Missouri sales and tax bond?

A Missouri sales and tax bond is a financial guarantee that protects the obligee from fraud and deceit committed by the principal. Sales and use tax bonds are put in place to ensure that retailers pay all taxes and related fees, interest, additions to tax and penalties due to the state on time and in full. These bonds may be required in the event a business is delinquent on taxes. The funds must be paid to the Missouri Department of Revenue within 30 days upon receiving a written demand for payment.

Missouri sales and use tax bonds are required by the Director of Revenue of the State of Missouri. These bonds are continuous until canceled, and the surety can cancel the bond by delivering written notice to the department 60 days prior to the desired date of termination.

This surety bond form covers multiple bond types, so applicants should be sure to check the sales and use tax box to ensure proper bonding.

How to register your business in Missouri

Any vendor and its affiliates selling tangible personal property to Missouri customers must collect and pay sales or use tax. Before you can pay sales tax you must be registered with the Missouri Department of Revenue. This is done on paper using the Missouri Tax Registration Application (Form 2643), online or by mail.

More licensing information can be found in the Additional Resources section of this page.

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