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Montana Certificate of Title Bond

Price Varies / 3 year term


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How much does a certificate of title bond cost in Montana?

The Montana Department of Justice requires individuals with lost or stolen vehicle titles to post a surety bond. The bond must be in an amount equal to the value of the motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer for which the application is being made. Applicants must verify their required bond amount with the state prior to bonding.

The cost of a certificate of title bond in Montana varies depending on the bond amount. Bonds up to $6,000 will be issued instantly, without a credit check, for $100. Bonds in amounts between $6,001 and $25,000 will also be issued instantly for $15 per every $1,000 of the required bond amount, starting at $100. Title bonds exceeding $25,000 are subject to underwriting, meaning a review of the applicant’s qualifications is required to determine the cost.

Bond Type
$100-$6,000Certificate of Title Bond
$6,001-$25,000Certificate of Title Bond
$25,001-$50,000Certificate of Title Bond
$50,001-$500,000Certificate of Title Bond

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Why do I need a Montana certificate of title bond?

Montana lost title bonds are put in place to indemnify a prior owner, lienholder, subsequent purchaser, secured creditor, or encumbrancer of the motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer and any respective successors in interest against expenses, losses, or damages, including reasonable attorney fees, caused by the issuance of the certificate of title or by a defect in or undisclosed security interest upon the right, title, and interest of the applicant in the motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, or pole trailer.

Any interested person has the right to recover on the bond for a breach of these conditions.

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Considerations for Montana certificate of title bonds

Unless the Department of Justice has been notified of a pending action to recover on the bond, the Department will return the bond three years from the date of issuance of the certificate of title or on the date of surrender of the valid certificate of title to the Department if the vehicle is no longer registered in Montana, whichever comes first.

The year, make, model, and vehicle identification number or motorcycle engine number must be stated on the bond form.

How to obtain a certificate of title in Montana

If there is no record of the title for a vehicle you have purchased, you can apply for a bonded title in accordance with MCA 61-3-208. Applicants for bonded titles need to do the following:

  1. Gather all required materials/documents:
  • Proof of ownership (this can include a notarized bill, canceled check, or purchase invoice)
  • Vehicle Identification Number Inspection Certificate (Form MV20) completed by law enforcement
  • Application for bonded title (Form MV10)
  • Indicate how you acquired ownership of the vehicle, disclose any security interests or liens on the vehicle, and determine the vehicle's value.
  • The value of your vehicle may be determined through the National Appraisal Guide (NADA) as of January 1 for the year in which you are applying. Please note that if your vehicle is valued at more than $500, you will need to obtain a bond equivalent to that amount. If it is valued at $500 or less, no bond is required. A copy of the NADA guide value will need to be provided.
    If you are unable to obtain a NADA value for the vehicle, you may complete a Statement of Fact (Form MV100).

2. Determine where to submit the application.

  • If the vehicle needs license plates, you will submit the application to your county treasurer’s office. Title, registration, and license plate fees will be paid at that time.
    If the vehicle will not need license plates, you can submit the application to the Vehicle Services Bureau or your county treasurer’s office. Title fees will be paid at that time. (Note that if no license plates are being acquired, the vehicle cannot be sold until it is registered in the owner’s name or a Montana dealership’s name.)

3. The Vehicle Services Bureau will then process the application, reviewing the circumstances of ownership, the NADA value, and the corresponding bond provided.

NOTE: If the bonded title is issued, the title will have “BONDED TITLE” on it, along with the bond’s expiration date. When the bond expires, a new title may be issued without the bond information using the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title (Form MV7).

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