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New York Alcohol Distributor Bond

How much does a New York distributor of alcoholic beverages bond cost?

If you act as a distributor of alcoholic beverages in New York, you are required to post a surety bond in an amount based on the volume of alcohol imported, stored, or produced. The required bond amount can be found by contacting the Department of Taxation and Finance.

An alcoholic beverage distributor bond can be issued instantly and costs $12 per $1,000 of coverage, with the minimum premium being $100. Once the bond amount exceeds $25,000, the application must be reviewed by an underwriter.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$25,000 or less Alcohol Distributor Bond $25,000 or less $100+ GET A QUOTE
$25,001+ Alcohol Distributor Bond $25,001+ Subject to Underwriting GET A QUOTE

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Why do I need this bond?

By posting a bond, the principal (distributor) guarantees to faithfully discharge all duties under Article 18 and any regulations dictated by the Department of Taxation and Finance. Furthermore, the principal promises to account for and pay all sums due to the Department. Acts carried out by alcoholic beverage distributors include:

  • Importing beer or wine
  • Storing beer or wine in a warehouse within NY and purchasing warehouse receipts
  • Brewing, producing, distilling or manufacturing beer or wine

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What’s the fine print?

All bonds will remain in full force unless canceled by the surety. If the surety chooses to cancel this bond, a written cancellation notice must be mailed to the Department of Taxation and Finance 30 days prior to the deemed cancellation date.

How to become an alcoholic beverage distributor in New York

All distributors of alcoholic beverages must be registered with the State of New York prior to doing business. To register with the state, file Form TP-215 and Form TP-229.

To be approved, you must be licensed by the State Liquor Authority and register as a sales tax vendor.

For additional information contact the Department of Taxation and Finance.

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