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New York Medicaid Ambulette Bond

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How much does an ambulette bond cost in New York?

If you provide ambulette services to and from facilities that provide medical care, you are required to post a surety bond in an amount of $25,000 or $100,000.

Ambulette bonds in New York are subject to underwriting. This means that your premium is based on the financial credentials of your credit report. Regardless of your credit, our surety specialists can get you bonded at the lowest available rate! 

Bond Type
$25,000Medicaid Ambulette Bond
$100,000Medicaid Ambulette Bond

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Why do I need this bond?

By posting a bond, the principal obligates to conduct business in full compliance with Title 18 NYCRR Part 517 or Part 515. This includes paying all funds due to the New York Medicaid Inspector General.

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What’s the fine print?

Bonds will remain in full force unless terminated by the surety. If the surety chooses to cancel this bond, a written termination must be mailed to the Medicaid Inspector General 30 days prior to the deemed termination date.

Become licensed to provide ambulette services in New York

To legally provide ambulette services, you must be licensed. All license applications must be completed in full and include the following attachments:

  • IRS assignment letter
  • transportation information request form (EMEDNY-424601)
  • ETIN certification statement (EMEDNY-490602)
  • electronic funds transfer form (EMEDNY-701101)

For additional information, contact the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General.

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