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Oregon Combative Sports Promoter Bond

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How much does a combative sports promoter bond cost in Oregon?

The Oregon Department of State Police State Athletic Commission requires boxing, wrestling, and MMA promoters to post a surety bond to protect the state and eventgoers of any combat sports event. The required amount of the these bonds is determined on a case-by-case basis by the state. Be sure to verify your required bond amount with the state so that our experts can get you the bond you need quickly, easily, and accurately.

The amount you’ll pay for your boxing promoter bond is subject to underwriting and based on a review of your personal credit report.

Bond Type
$5,000-$20,000Combative Sports Promoter Bond

If you’re ready to purchase an Oregon boxing, wrestling, or MMA promoter bond, submit a bond request or give us a call at 1 (800) 308-4358. We work hard to get all of our applicants bonded for the lowest rates available.

Why do I need this bond?

Oregon boxing, wrestling, and MMA promoter bonds are needed to ensure the safety of those involved in the event and to make sure that promoters pay all taxes and fees owed to the state. This bond also states that principals (promoters) must adhere to all of the laws stated in the Oregon Revised Statutes. Some of these provisions include:

  • timely payment of taxes and penalties due to the state
  • payment of awards and prizes to competitors
  • reimbursement of tickets if an event is canceled
  • payment toward inspectors, referees, timekeepers, judges, and medical personnel according to contract

Applicants must also obtain a Form 1010 from the Oregon State Athletic Commission. This surety bond affidavit form verifies a few specifics of the purchase, such as the name and address of the principal, the bond number, and bond amount.

What’s the fine print?

Boxing, wrestling, and MMA promoter bonds for Oregon are continuous until canceled. If the surety decides to cancel this bond for any reason, 30 days' written notice prior to cancellation must be given to the State Athletic Commission.

The telephone numbers of both the surety and the principal must be noted on the bond form.

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