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Pennsylvania Health Club Bond

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How much will my Pennsylvania health facility bond cost?

Pennsylvania health club bonds do not have a set amount. Instead, the bond amount varies based on the length of contracts the health club offers to members. The price you’ll pay for this bond is subject to underwriting and depends on your personal credit report. Applicants with a strong credit report can expect to pay just 1% of the total bond amount!

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Bond Type
$25,000Health Club BondContracts for no more than 24 months and no more than 150 persons
$50,000Health Club BondContracts for more than 12 months but no more than 24 months and no more than 300 persons
$100,000Health Club BondContracts between 12-24 months
$200,000Health Club BondContracts greater than 24 months

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Why do I need this bond?

Health club bonds act as a security deposit to ensure that patrons of the health club will be refunded if the club closes prematurely due to bankruptcy. These bonds also protect consumers if the principal (health club owner/operator) breaches the terms of a health club contract or the requirements for health club contracts as specified by §3 of the Health Club Act.

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What’s the fine print?

This bond is required by the Director of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection. Health club bonds must be renewed annually and maintained throughout the health club’s operation. The surety must give the Bureau at least 90 days' notice prior to the proposed cancellation date.

How to start a health club in Pennsylvania

Applicants wanting to become registered with the state as a health club should use the form prescribed by the Bureau and provide the following information:

  • Name of health club, along with both physical and mailing addresses
  • City, state, zip and county of operation
  • Name of corporation, LLC, partnership or original owner
  • Address of owner
  • Phone number of health club
  • Whether the health club will be completed and operational the date the contracts are signed, and the expected opening date if different
  • Member information including cost of membership, services offered and approximate number of members

Health clubs in the state of Pennsylvania are required to employ and have on premises at all hours of operation a person trained in the administration of CPR. The club must provide notice should the CPR-certified person not be on staff at any point during business hours.

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