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Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Bond

How much will my Pennsylvania public adjuster bond cost?

The Pennsylvania Insurance Department requires public insurance adjusters to submit $20,000 surety bonds as part of the licensing process.

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$20,000 Public Adjuster Bond $20,000 $200

Why do I need this bond?

Public adjuster bonds ensure that the public adjuster will faithfully follow the stipulations of the Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Licensing Law. This bond also states that the applicant will not embezzle, withhold or otherwise fraudulently handle any money. This particular bond protects consumers from any financial losses that they might suffer if a public adjuster violates any of the terms of his or her bond agreement.

What’s the fine print?

This bond is required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. Public adjuster bonds must be renewed along with the license two years from the effective date. The surety must give the department at least 30 days’ notice prior to the cancellation of the bond.

For quick processing, be sure to include all of the following information on the bond form:

  • name of applicant and/or all partners, if applicable
  • county and municipality
  • principal office street address
  • effective date of bond

How to become a public adjuster in Pennsylvania

Applicants trying to obtain a public adjuster’s license should do the following:

  • pass a written examination and provide certification of passage
  • provide all appropriate fees and financial information
  • supply a copy of the contract to be used in business transactions
  • obtain a seal of sworn accuracy from a notary public

An application may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • the applicant has provided false or misleading answers to questions incidental to applying for a license
  • the applicant has been denied a license or has had a license revoked or suspended by the Department or any other regulatory authority
  • the applicant has pleaded guilty or has been found guilty of a felony relating to the business of being a public adjuster

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