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Public and Independent Insurance Adjuster Bond Guide 

Insurance adjuster bonds are required for public and independent insurance adjuster licensing in many states to protect the state and its residents. is licensed to issue insurance adjuster bonds in all 50 states. Wherever you work, we can help you get the bond you need.

What Is an Insurance Adjuster Bond?

An insurance adjuster, or public adjuster bond, ensures that adjusters follow industry and state laws and regulations. This protects the state and individuals filing insurance claims from illegal and unethical business practices. 

This type of surety bond creates a legally binding contract between the insurance adjuster, the state agency and the surety provider. Rather than acting as insurance for the professionals themselves, it protects their consumers. 

How Much Do Insurance Adjuster Bonds Cost?

The cost of an insurance adjuster bond will vary based on the bond amount, which is typically determined by the state licensing authority.

Most insurance adjuster bonds can be purchased instantly online for about 1% of the total bond amount. These bonds are typically lower risk and therefore do not require a credit check.

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How to Get a Public or Independent Adjuster Bond

At, we offer the best service, fastest delivery and most affordable prices in the industry. Apply for your insurance adjuster bond today using these simple steps:

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What Does an Insurance Adjuster Do?

An insurance adjuster is responsible for inspecting claims to determine the appropriate coverage amount. Adjusters put together a report with all the information — including audio, video, pictures, statements and other documents — for claims examiners to evaluate. 

When an examiner approves a claim, the adjuster then settles the claim with the policyholder. If a claimant contests the outcome, adjusters will negotiate with attorneys to defend the results of the inspection.

Independent vs. Public Insurance Adjuster: What’s the Difference?

  • Independent insurance adjusters act on behalf of the insurance company to save them as much money as possible when settling claims. They are not employed by the insurance company but are hired through an outside firm.
  • Public insurance adjusters are hired by a claimant who pays them a percentage of the settlement. A claimant will typically select a public adjuster to get the highest insurance payment possible.

How to Become an Insurance Adjuster

The process will vary as insurance professional license requirements are specific to state-level laws. However, these steps are general guidelines for becoming an insurance adjuster: 

  1. Take the pre-licensing course and pass the accompanying exam.
  2. Obtain an insurance adjuster surety bond in the specified amount.
  3. Submit all application forms and fees to the respective obligee.

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