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Pennsylvania Title Insurance Agent Bond

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How much does a title insurance agent bond cost in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania requires title insurance agents to post surety bonds in the amount of $30,000 or $100,000. The price you’ll pay for your bond is subject to underwriting and will vary based on your credit report. Applicants with a strong credit report could pay as low as 1% of the bond amount.

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Bond Type
$30,000Title Insurance Agent Bond
$100,000Title Insurance Agent Bond

Why do I need this bond?

Title insurance agent bonds ensure the professional and responsible conduct of title insurance agents. Specifically, these bonds protect consumers from any financial losses that result if the agent fails to adhere to the rules and regulations set in P.L. 682, Act 79 of 1995, Section 726.1 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including providing clients with an increased insurance quote to obtain a higher commission payment.

What’s the fine print?

Pennsylvania title insurance agent bonds are required by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. These bonds are continuously effective until canceled. In the event of cancellation by the surety, 30 days’ notice must be given to the department.

How to become a title insurance agent in Pennsylvania

Before actually applying for your title insurance agent license, you must register for a title insurance examination and fingerprinting. The fee for fingerprinting services is $19. Please note that there will be an additional $36.25 processing fee upon passing the exam. You must bring a valid form of identification and your credit card.

Once you’ve passed your exam, you are eligible to apply for your license. You will have the option to apply electronically or acquire a paper license from the department’s website.

The application requires a fee of $55. The online application has an additional processing fee of $12.50.

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