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South Carolina Waste Tire Hauler Bond

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How much does a waste tire hauler bond cost in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control requires registered waste tire haulers in the state to post financial assurance in the amount of $10,000.

Due to the risk associated with these bonds, underwriters will need to see business and personal financials, as well as personal credit, to approve the bond. Get the process started and request your free bond quote today!

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$10,000Waste Tire Hauler Bond can help you get bonded quickly, easily and accurately. Call 1 (800) 308-4358 or submit a bond request to get your free quote within one business day!

Why do I need this bond?

South Carolina waste tire hauler bonds ensure the principal (waste tire hauler) has sufficient funds available to meet specific environmental protection needs of solid waste management facilities. Any leftover funds are returned to the entity that posted the bond.

What’s the fine print?

South Carolina waste tire haulers can post other forms of financial assurance in place of a surety bond:

  • irrevocable letter of credit
  • insurance
  • trust fund
  • corporate financial test
  • other evidence of financial responsibility assurance approved by the Department

How to become a waste tire hauler in South Carolina

Waste tire haulers must complete registration forms before legally operating in South Carolina. Necessary information includes:

  • name and address of hauling company and its officers/owners
  • locations in state where waste tires will be transported
  • documentation proving applicant has secured required financial assurance (surety bond, trust fund, etc.)

For a full list of licensing requirements, visit our "Additional Resources" section and review the New Application Checklist.

Take the first step toward getting bonded in South Carolina and request your waste tire hauler bond quote now.

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