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Tennessee Hendersonville Contractor Bond

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How much does a Hendersonville Tennessee contractor bond cost?

City of Hendersonville Tennessee contractor bond costs start at $100 annually. Your personal premium will vary depending on the surety bond amount required for your contractor license classification or your permitted contract/bid amount. 

  • The $10,000 bond for contract/bid amounts less than $25,000 costs $100.
  • The $40,000 bond for electrical, gas, or mechanical/plumbing contractors costs $200.
  • The $50,000 bond for excavation and pool contractors OR contract/bid amounts greater than $25,000 costs $250.

How do I get a contractor surety bond in Hendersonville, Tennessee?

You can purchase your Hendersonville Tennessee contractor bond online 24/7. Simply select your license bond amount and provide the following information for Buildings and Codes Department filing approval.

  • contractor name 
  • address
  • license type

Once your payment has been processed, your official Hendersonville bond documents will be delivered to your email instantly.

How fast can I get a contractor bond in Hendersonville? offers instant Hendersonville Tennessee contractor bond delivery 24/7. Purchase now to receive your official Hendersonville surety bond delivered in minutes by email.

Bond Type
$10,000City of Hendersonville Contractor Bondcontract/bid amounts less than $25,000
$40,000City of Hendersonville Contractor Bondelectrical, plumbing, or gas/mechanical contractors
$50,000City of Hendersonville Contractor Bondexcavation and pool contractors; contract/bid amounts greater than $25,000

What is a city of Hendersonville contractor license surety bond? 

Hendersonville Code Section 20-1001 requires individuals file a surety bond before performing any construction work in the city that requires a permit. The city's form is officially titled the “City of Hendersonville Sumner County, Tennessee Permit Bond” and requires that contractors comply with all City of Hendersonville codes, laws, and ordinances. If a contractor fails to do so, their issuing surety company will pay valid claims up to the full bond amount, which the bonded contractor would be required to reimburse. 

Who regulates licensing for contractors in Hendersonville?

The Hendersonville Building and Codes Department enforces license requirements for contractors, including the surety bond requirement. You can contact the department by calling 1(615)822-3802.

Hendersonville Tennessee requires this surety bond for local contractor licensing compliance. You can learn about more Tennessee contractor license bond types used for other state and city contractor licensing requirements.

What bond amount do I need for my Hendersonville contractor bond? 

City of Hendersonville/Sumner County contractor bond amounts vary depending on your contractor license classification or your permitted contract/bid amount. 

Bond Amount            License Classification OR Contract/Bid Amount      

$10,000                       contract/bid amounts less than $25,000

$40,000                       electrical, gas, or mechanical/plumbing contractors (regardless of contract/bid amount)

$50,000                       excavation and pool contractors OR contract/bid amounts greater than $25,000

How do I update or change my bond form? 

If the Hendersonville Building and Codes Department requires your surety bond documentation to be updated for any reason, contact your surety provider. If you purchased your bond from, email [email protected] to explain the needed change. The most common changes for these bonds include updating the contractor or construction company name, address, or license type.

How do I renew my contractor license bond in Hendersonville?

You must renew your Hendersonville contractor surety bond before its current term expires. Once you pay your renewal invoice, renewal instructions will be emailed to you to keep your bond active for your next Hendersonville contractor license term. 

How do I get a contractor's license in Hendersonville, Tennessee? 

You must have the following before applying for your Hendersonville Tennessee contractor's permit. 

  • contractor permit bond in correct required amount 
  • state license
  • proof of workman's compensation insurance

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