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Texas Manufactured Housing Bond

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How much does a manufactured home license bond cost in Texas? 

Texas manufactured home license bond costs start at $500 annually and vary depending on which manufactured home license type you need.

  • The $25,000 installer bond amount costs $500 annually for all applicants. 
  • The $50,000 retailer, broker, or installer combination bond amount requires a quick application review to determine pricing starting at $500 annually.
  • The $100,000 manufacturer bond amount requires a quick application review to determine pricing starting at $1,000 annually.

How do you purchase a manufactured housing installation surety bond?

You can purchase your manufactured housing industry license bond online 24/7. Simply select the bond amount required for your license type and provide the following information for Department of Housing and Community Affairs filing approval. 

  • licensee name
  • physical street address
  • mailing address (if different)
  • county
  • license type
  • license number, if available

Once your payment has been processed, your official Texas surety bond will be delivered by email.

How fast can I get a Texas manufactured housing bond? offers instant Texas manufactured housing bond delivery 24/7 for the $25,000 installer bond. If your bond amount is more than $25,000, your order will be reviewed by a team member before your official documents are emailed.

Bond Type
$25,000Manufactured Housing BondInstaller Only
$50,000Manufactured Housing BondRetailer or Broker Only; Combination of Retailer, Broker, Installer
$100,000Manufactured Housing BondManufacturer Only

What is a Texas manufactured housing bond? 

Texas Occupations Code Title 7 Subtitle C Section 1201.106 requires manufactured housing retailers, installers, brokers, and manufacturers file a surety bond in the applicable amount before they can be issued a new or renewal license. State MHD Form 1025 is officially titled the “Continuous Manufactured Housing Licensing Surety Bond” but is more commonly known as the “manufactured housing bond.” This bond is specifically used to satisfy claims resulting from violations committed by a manufactured home licensee directly related to the construction, rebuilding, sale, lease-purchase, exchange, brokerage, or installation of a manufactured home. 

What is the purpose of the Texas manufactured housing license bond?

You must file this bond before being licensed to sell, manufacture, install, or broker manufactured homes in Texas. By filing this bond, you agree to fulfill all of your professional obligations, duties, and responsibilities as outlined in the Texas Manufactured Housing Standards Act as well any any other rules or regulations enforced by the Manufactured Housing Division. If you fail to do so, your issuing surety company will pay valid claims up to your full bond amount, which you must reimburse. 

Who does a manufactured housing installation surety bond protect? 

The Texas manufactured homes bond protects consumers from manufactured housing industry professionals who fail to comply with Texas state laws when working with manufactured home communities. If a consumer suffers damage, this surety bond can provide financial reimbursement for their losses.

Who regulates manufactured housing licensing in Texas?

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Manufactured Housing Division enforces licensing requirements for the state's manufactured housing industry. You can contact the Division's Enforcement and Licensing Section by calling 1(877)313-3023 or emailing [email protected].

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs requires this bond for manufactured housing licensing. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Motor Carrier Division enforces separate Texas over axle and over gross weight tolerance permit bond and Texas super heavy or oversize permit bond requirements for transporting large truck loads.

Who needs the manufactured housing license bond? 

You need to purchase and file this Texas surety bond if you're licensed as a manufactured housing installer, retailer, broker, or manufacturer. Your bond amount will be determined based on the license type you need.

  • Installers need a $25,000 bond amount.
  • Retailers, brokers, and/or installer combinations need a $50,000 bond amount.
  • Manufacturers need a $100,000 bond amount.

How do I update or change my manufactured housing industry bond? 

If the Texas Manufactured Housing Division requires your bond form to be updated for any reason, contact your surety company. If you bought your bond from, email [email protected] to explain the needed change. The most common changes requested are updating your name, address, or county to match your current license or new permit paperwork.

How do I renew my manufactured housing bond? 

You must renew your Texas manufactured housing bond before its current term expires. Once you pay your renewal invoice, renewal instructions will be sent to keep your bond active for your next manufactured homes license term.

What are the requirements for a manufactured housing license in Texas?

Verify which license type you need (retailer, broker, installer, manufacturer) and then complete the requirements below to apply for your Texas Manufactured housing license.

  1. Undergo fingerprinting and a criminal background check.
  2. File a Texas surety bond in the correct required bond amount.
  3. Provide a copy of your class certificate of attendance.
  4. Provide a copy of your business name filing or articles of incorporation.
  5. Pay your applicable license/registration fee.
  6. Submit your completed license application.

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