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How much does a travel agent bond cost in Washington?

The Seller of Travel Section of the Washington Department of Licensing requires sellers of travel in the state to be bonded. Surety bonds for travel agents are subject to underwriting, so the cost of your bond depends not only on your required amount of bond coverage, but also on a review of your personal credit.

Travel agent bond amounts vary and are based on the gross income accrued from business conducted during the previous year. Applicants should verify their required bond amount with the state prior to bonding. 

Bond Type
$10,000Seller of Travel BondAnnual gross income of $199,999 and under with Washington residents
$20,000Seller of Travel BondAnnual gorss income of $200,000 - $499,999 with Washington residents
$30,000Seller of Travel BondAnnual gorss income of $500,000 - $749,999 with Washington residents
$40,000Seller of Travel BondAnnual gorss income of $750,000 - $999,999 with Washington residents
$50,000Seller of Travel BondAnnual gorss income of $1,000,000 of more with Washington residents

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Why do I need this bond to be a travel agent in Washington?

By posting a Washington seller of travel surety bond, principals (travel agents) pledge to comply with all provisions of Chapter 19.138 RCW of the state of Washington and with all rules and regulations adopted by the Director of the Department of Licensing. This bond ensures that travel agents use consumers’ funds appropriately to secure all travel services and benefits contracted for.

If the principal fails to abide by these laws and consumers are harmed, the surety will cover any damages up to the full bond amount. The principal must fully reimburse the surety for any damages paid out.

What’s the fine print on a Washington seller of travel bond?

Washington seller of travel bond and out-of-state seller of travel bond applicants must know the type of business entity they are trying to get bonded (sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.) and mark the bond form and application appropriately.

These bonds are continuous until canceled. The surety can cancel the bond by giving written notice of cancellation to the Director of the Department of Licensing. Termination becomes effective 30 days after the director receives such notice.

How to become a travel agent in Washington

Travel agents in Washington must register with the Washington State Department of Licensing before selling or advertising the sale of travel services and related benefits. Applicants must submit the following materials to become licensed:

  • Completed Business License Application
  • Completed Sellers of Travel Registration Addendum (additional requirements and documents to be sent are listed on this form)
  • Seller of Travel or Out-of-State Seller of Travel surety bond
  • Check or money order for the $202 license application fee and the $19 application filing fee

The above documents can be uploaded to an online application through the Washington Department of Revenue’s website or be submitted by mail to:

State of Washington
Business Licensing Service
PO Box 9034
Olympia, WA 98507-9034

A Washington seller of travel license expires after one year and can be renewed up to 120 days before the expiration date. When renewing, a travel agency must provide an up-to-date Washington seller of travel surety bond and pay a $202 renewal fee. These can be submitted online to the Washington Department of Revenue or by mail to the above address.

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