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West Virginia $500 Transient Vendor Bond

Cost: $175.00 / 2-year term

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How much does a transient vendor bond cost in West Virginia?

SuretyBonds.com issues $500 transient vendor bonds instantly for two-year terms for $175!

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$500 Transient Vendor Bond 2-year term $500 $175

Why do I need this bond?

The Internal Auditing Division of the West Virginia State Tax Department requires transient vendors to post $500 surety bonds.

By posting a West Virginia transient vendor surety bond, principals (transient vendors) pledge to comply with the provisions of Chapter 11, article 12 of the Code of West Virginia of 1931 and all subsequent amendments. Specifically, this bond ensures that principals pay the state all tax money owed on the sale of tangible personal property and file tax returns as required.

The bond protects the state from financial loss if the vendor fails to comply with these terms.

What’s the fine print?

Transient vendor bonds in West Virginia remain in full force and effect until canceled or violated. The bond must be renewed every two years from the date of its issuance.

How to become a transient vendor in West Virginia

To become a licensed transient vendor in West Virginia, applicants must adhere to the following requirements:

  • File special application
  • Obtain special business license (business registration certificate)
  • Post $5,000 surety bond

The special application requires the vendor to list the locations and dates of sales that will occur in West Virginia.

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Additional Resources

West Virginia State Tax Department: Business Registration - Transient Vendors

West Virginia State Tax Department Internal Auditing Division Transient Vendor Bond Form

West Virginia Code: Chapter 11, Article 12: Business Registration Tax

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