H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bonds

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What Are H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bonds? 

An H-2A farm labor contractor (H-2A FLC) bond is required by the U.S. Department of Labor for any employer wanting to be certified by the H-2A program. The H-2A program provides a temporary certification to hire, recruit, solicit, employ, house, furnish or transport foreign employees when there is a domestic labor shortage. 

Farm labor contractor bonds guarantee that workers receive payment for their labor during the contract period. This includes any wages and benefits owed to an H-2A worker, or a U.S. worker who is:

  • Improperly rejected
  • Laid off
  • Displaced

How Much Are H-2A FLC Surety Bonds?

H-2A farm labor contractor bonds typically cost around 1–10% of the bond amount based on your credit score. The number of H-2A certified employees you hire will determine your bond requirement:

  • <25 employees: $5,000 bond
  • 25–49 employees: $10,000 bond
  • 50-74 employees: $20,000 bond
  • 75 to 99 employees: $50,000 bond
  • 100+ employees: $75,000 bond

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Bond Type
$5,000-$150,000H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond

How Do H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bonds Work? 

An H-2A FLC bond binds three parties in a legal contract:  

  1. Principal: The certified labor contractor purchasing the bond
  2. Surety: The provider issuing the bond to the principal 
  3. Obligee: The United States Department of Labor requiring the bond

These bonds remain in effect for at least two years from the expiration date of the labor certification. To cancel a bond, the surety must provide 45-day’s written notice to the Department of Labor. 

How to Get a H-2A Farm Labor Contractor Bond

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