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Learn More About Encroachment Bonds

Some states and municipalities (obligees) require contractors (principals) to file encroachment bonds before performing private construction work in close proximity to public lands such as highways, sidewalks, or power line systems. Similar to a contract bond, an encroachment bond is a type of right of way (ROW) bond that holds contractors responsible for damage done to public property and ensures contractors follow all regulations and guidelines pertaining to the public right of way.

Encroachment bonds are a form of consumer protection. The surety provider guarantees the obligee will be compensated in the event the principal does not fulfill the terms of the agreement.

How much will my encroachment bond cost?

SuretyBonds.com works with more than 25 exclusive underwriting markets to offer our clients the industry's lowest rates available. The price you'll pay for your encroachment bond depends on the bond amount, the state/municipality requiring the bond, the risk associated with the specific project, and possibly your personal financial credentials.

Bond amounts less than $25,000 can be approved instantly for all applicants without underwriting, typically at a rate of 1% or less of the bond amount.

Bond amounts greater than $25,000 require underwriting, and applicants can expect to pay premiums that start at 3% of the bond amount. Applicants with poor credit should expect to provide additional financial documents for underwriting consideration. Due to the type of obligations they guarantee, encroachment bonds cannot be financed.

The best way to determine your encroachment bond cost is to get a free, no-obligation price quote from SuretyBonds.com today.

How do I apply?

SuretyBonds.com strives to provide every client with a fast, easy, and accurate surety bond process.

  • Step 1:  Submit your application online 24/7. Or, call 1 (800) 308-4358 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST Monday through Friday to speak with a surety expert.
  • Step 2:  Get your free quote.
  • Step 3:  Pay for your bond. We offer quick, easy, and convenient online payment options 24/7.

Join thousands of satisfied clients by applying for your bond today!

How fast can I get my bond?

Whether you're in California, Georgia, or somewhere in between, you can expect a same-day document issuance once you've submitted payment for your surety bond. You'll receive a digital document set via e-mail once it's been issued.

Most states and local municipalities that require encroachment right of way bonds require physical document sets with wet, original signatures and raised seals, in which case we'll ship a package to you according to your delivery preferences. We always offer overnight shipping to expedite physical document delivery.

If you have additional questions, fill out a quick and easy contact form online or call 1 (800) 308-4358 to speak with a surety bond expert.

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