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Release of Lien Bonds

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Release of Lien Bond Guide

A lien is a financial security providing the legal right to claim collateral property of a debtor to satisfy a debt. 

In all states except New Hampshire and Vermont, subcontractors and suppliers on construction projects can file a mechanic’s lien against a property if they are not properly compensated for their work on it. 

What Is a Release of Lien Bond? 

A release of lien bond is a type of court surety bond to ensure payment for products and services in construction projects. These bonds are also known as:

  • Mechanic’s lien bonds 
  • Lien discharge bonds

Mechanic’s lien bonds allow contractors and property owners to remove property liens by transferring that financial liability to a surety bond. This streamlines the legal claims process and protects subcontractors from financial loss. 

How Does a Release of Lien Bond Work? 

A release of lien bond is a three-party contract between a:

  • Principal: Party purchasing the surety bond — the property owner wanting to release their lien  
  • Surety: Company issuing the surety bond and backing the principal’s obligation
  • Obligee: Party requiring a surety bond from the principal — the lien holder

The subcontractor (obligee) needs assurance that they can still receive compensation for claims after releasing their lien. With a bond in place, the surety will pay out claims on the bond even if the contractor is insolvent. 

Who Needs a Release of Lien Bond? 

Contractors and property owners may need a release of lien bond to meet the following needs: 

  • Fulfill court orders
  • Remove a property lien
  • Prove trustworthiness as a project owner 

How Much Do Bonds for Release of Lien Cost?

A mechanic’s lien bond is usually 1–3x the lien amount. Release of lien bond premiums are calculated as a small percentage of the total bond amount, typically 1–2%. Apply today for an exact quote. 

These high-risk bonds require a collateral match along with the premium to guarantee the ability to recover costs of any claims. Acceptable forms of collateral include: 

  • Cash
  • Letters of credit
  • Marketable securities
  • Real estate

How Do I Get a Release of Lien Bond? 

Mechanic’s lien bonds act as financial guarantees which makes underwriting them a high risk for sureties. Due to this, applicants must provide strong evidence of financial capacity. 

You’ll need the following information to apply for your bond: 

  • Copy of recorded mechanic’s lien
  • Completed Release of Lien application
  • Personal and/or business financial statement 
  • Credit score
  • Collateral security 
  • Signed indemnity agreement

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Can I Get a Release of Lien Bond With Bad Credit? 

Due to their risky nature, it’s difficult to get a release of lien bond with poor credit. However, offers a Bad Credit Bonding Program and may be able to help if you provide strong financial documentation. 

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