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Immigration Consultant Bond Guide

Several states require surety bonds as part of the immigration consulting licensing application process to mitigate unlawful practices. Learn how to become a bonded immigration consultant in this guide. 

What Is an Immigration Consultant Bond?

Immigration consultant bonds, a type of license and permit surety bond, ensure consultants comply with immigration industry rules and regulations. They protect clients from illegal or unethical practices. 

How Does an Immigration Bond Work?

Immigration bonds act as a legal contract between three parties: 

  1. The principal is the consultant purchasing the bond. 
  2. The obligee is the government agency requiring the bond as part of the licensing process. 
  3. The surety is the provider issuing the bond and financially backing the principal. 

If the bonded consultant fails to conduct business according to the contract terms, the surety protects harmed parties from financial loss up to the full bond amount.

Immigration Consultant Licensing Requirements by State

California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Utah, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania require immigration consultants to file surety bonds as part of their professional licensing process. 

Select your state for license requirements and bond pricing in your area: 

How to Become a Bonded Immigration Consultant? provides the fastest and easiest bonding process for immigration consultants:

  • Step 1: Determine the exact bond coverage you need with your obligee. 
  • Step 2: Pay for your bond online or by calling our office. 
  • Step 3: Receive your bond. We’ll send you a digital document instantly. If you need a physical document set, you’ll receive a mailed package as well.

How Much Does an Immigration Consultant Bond Cost?

Highly qualified applicants can expect to pay annual premiums calculated at just 1% of the bond amount. For example, a $10,000 immigration consultant bond typically starts at $100 per year.

Immigration consultant bond applications require underwriting to determine the exact bond cost. The underwriting process will review the following factors:

  • The bond amount
  • The associated risk 
  • Local state requirements
  • Applicant’s financial credentials

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Low Credit Approval and Financing Options offers an exclusive Bad Credit Bonding Program, which means we can approve 99% of applicants regardless of credit. If poor credit results in a higher premium, we also offer financing for qualified applicants to lower the upfront cost. 

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