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Patient Trust Bond Guide is legally licensed to issue patient trust surety bonds in all 50 states. In this guide, you’ll learn how to bond your nursing facility quickly and easily. 

What Is a Patient Trust Bond?

Eldercare facilities need to take care of patients in all aspects, including financially. To guarantee patient trust funds are protected and managed appropriately, state agencies require these facilities to file a surety bond. A patient trust bond, also known as a nursing home surety bond, ensures a patient’s funds will be disbursed appropriately and ethically. 

Nursing Home Bond Requirements

A patient trust fund bond outlines the legal guarantees required by specific nursing facilities. The bond may require that patient funds deposited with the facility be:

  • Held separately and in trust
  • Administered on behalf of patients as directed by the depositors
  • Accounted for truthfully to the patients, the depositors and the obligee 

State-Specific Costs and Regulations

Patient trust bond costs and amounts vary greatly by location because license requirements are established at the state level. Click below for more information about patient trust bonds in your area:

How Much Does a Bond Cost for Nursing Homes?

Applicants with strong credit can expect a premium cost of just 1-5% of the bond amount, which means you could pay as little as $100 for a standard $10,000 patient trust bond works with top underwriting markets nationwide to offer the best price to each applicant. Request your free quote today.

How Do Patient Trust Bonds Work?

Nursing home surety bonds are legally binding contracts that unite three parties:

  1. Principal: The nursing facility that purchases the bond to guarantee proper management of patient funds.
  2. Obligee: The government agency that requires the bond.
  3. Surety: The insurance underwriter that issues the bond and backs the principal.

If a care facility breaks the bond’s terms, harmed parties can file a claim. The surety agency will reimburse the harmed party for valid claims and then seek reimbursement from the principal.

How to Get Your Patient Trust Bond 

At, we offer the best service, fastest delivery and most affordable prices for nursing home bonds. Apply today using these simple steps:

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