U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers Volunteer In Parks (VIP) Bonds

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What Is a Volunteer-In-Parks Bond? 

A Volunteer-In-Parks bond is a type of surety bond that prevents loss due to volunteer fraud or dishonesty within the National Park System. 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires bonding for certain park personnel involved with managing and handling funds. 

How Do U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers VIP Bonds Work? 

Volunteer-in-parks (VIP) surety bonds create a legal contract between three parties: 

  1. Principal: The park volunteer who purchases the bond from the surety
  2. Surety: The company that issues the bond to the principal and provides financial liability to the obligee 
  3. Obligee: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who requires the volunteer to be bonded for financial security 

Who Needs a VIP Bond?

National park volunteers and personnel who collect fees, issue permits and handle funds may require bonding to protect the National Park System from financial loss. Check with your park supervisor to determine if your volunteer role requires a surety bond. 

How Much Do Volunteer-In-Parks Bonds Cost?

Most national park volunteers need $5,000 in surety bond coverage, but this may increase up to $10,000 depending on the state. The cost of a volunteer-in-parks bond starts at just $100

Exact premium pricing may vary depending on location, bond amount, bond term and credit score. Apply for your free quote now. 

How Do I Get a Volunteer-In-Parks Surety Bond? 

SuretyBonds.com makes getting a VIP bond quick and easy. Apply online in minutes and get an instant free quote. Then, purchase using our secure, online checkout. 

You can select three-day, next-day or overnight shipping for your official bond. File your physical bond form with the obligee using the address below: 

U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers

P.O. Box 44270

Lemon Cove, CA 93244


Can I Get a Volunteer-In-Parks Bond With Bad Credit? 

Don’t let poor credit stop you from applying. We approve 99% of applicants with our Bad Credit Bonding Program! Depending on the bond you need, you may pay a higher premium since low credit indicates higher risk for the obligee. 

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