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Colorado Private Investigator Bond

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NOTE: Per Sunset legislation, Colorado's Office of Private Investigator Licensure has ended effective August 31, 2021, and licenses are no longer valid after that date.

How much does a $10,000 private investigator bond cost in Colorado?

Before being retired, Colorado private investigator surety bonds cost $100 and were issued instantly.

Why do I need a private detector bond in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies requires those wishing to obtain a private investigator license in Colorado to post a $10,000 surety bond with the Office of Private Investigator Licensure.

Colorado private investigators must submit a surety bond to comply with regulations set forth by Article 58.5 of Title Twelve of the Colorado Revised Statutes and 4 Code of Colorado Regulations 750-1. The bond is required so that any person who suffers a loss or damages due to acts or omissions on the part of the private investigator may file a claim against the bond.

Terms of a private investigator bond

The bond will remain in effect as long as the private investigator pays his or her annual premium to keep their license active. However, the surety is able to to cancel the bond by providing written notice to the principal at least thirty days in advance.

How to get a private investigator license in Colorado

The Office of Private Investigator Licensure provides a list of requirements that must be met by applicants to be considered for a license. The following are a few of the requirements to be met by an applicant:

  1. Pay $330 online application processing fee
  2. Must be at least 21 years of age
  3. Submit fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to conduct a state and national background check specifically for the PI license (a previous background check cannot be used)
  4. Pay the $25 exam fee and pass the Jurisprudence Examination and submit Passing Results Report as proof
  5. Attest to and provide information the applicant is lawfully present in the United States or otherwise eligible to work here
  6. Provide social security number
  7. Documentation of a name change (if applicable)
  8. Answer a series of screening questions related to criminal history or disciplinary action(s) filed against the applicant in other jurisdictions (if applicable), which may require the applicant to upload court documents or other relevant materials.
  9. Applicant must attest to having at least 4,000 hours of experience (or an equivalent combination of experience and education) and may be required to provide complete evidence demonstrating the applicant meets the requirements for Level 2 licensure
  10. Obtain $10,000 surety bond

It is also important to keep in mind that private investigator licenses expire annually on May 31 and must be renewed for as long as the licensee wishes to be an investigator.

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