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Oregon Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bond

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What Is a Oregon Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bond? 

Auto mechanics and repair shops in Oregon must file a $20,000 possessory lien bond before assessing a mechanic’s lien. This bond, also known as a Possessory Lien Foreclosure Bond, protects customers from improper use of mechanic’s liens by auto repair shops. 

Tow services, auto dealers and OEMs are exempt from the bond requirement. 

How Do Oregon Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bonds Work? 

Oregon possessory lien surety bonds create a legally-binding contract between three parties: 

  1. Principal: The mechanic or shop purchasing the bond from the surety
  2. Obligee: The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles requiring the bond 
  3. Surety: The surety provider issuing the bond to the principal 

If a customer is impacted by an unethical or illegal lien, they can file a claim to recover damages. The surety will pay out claims then seek reimbursement from the bonded mechanic.  

How Much Do Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bonds Cost?

Each mechanic shop assessing possessory liens in Oregon must purchase a $20,000 surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit. Applicants with strong credit can pay as little as 1% of the bond amount — just $200! Apply now for your personalized quote.

When you work with, you may be eligible to save an additional 25% by selecting a multi-year bond term, making your cost as low as $150 per year.

How Do I Get a Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bond in Oregon? 

Simply apply for your bond using our quick contact form. Once all your information is submitted, you’ll receive an instant quote with the lowest rate available. 

You can purchase your bond online at your convenience and select your preferred shipping method. When you receive your official bond form, sign and file it with the Oregon DMV. 

Can I Get a Oregon Motor Vehicle Possessory Lien Bond With Bad Credit? offers a Bad Credit Bonding Program to help 99% of applicants qualify for the bond they need. If you have poor credit, you may pay a higher premium for your bond. However, we’ll search our nationwide network to approve you for the most competitive rate possible. 

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