South Carolina Private Detective Bond

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How much does a $10,000 private detective surety bond cost in South Carolina?

A $10,000 private detective surety bond is issued instantly for $100 and is required by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. A multi-year discount is available. Simply click Buy Now to purchase your bond safely and securely from our site. In just a few minutes, you can be on your way to getting bonded as a private investigator in South Carolina.

Bond Type
$10,000Private Detective Bond

Why is a private investigator bond required?

South Carolina private detective bonds ensure that principals (private detectives) perform the duties of said office according to state law, specifically South Carolina Code of Laws Title 40, Chapter 18.

This bond protects the state and other individuals from financial loss if the investigator fails to adhere to the law and the terms of the surety bond contract.

Surety bonds for contract security agencies in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina requires contract security companies to be licensed by the Law Enforcement Division, which includes obtaining a $10,000 surety bond. To learn more about the bond requirements for contract security agencies, visit our contract security surety bond page.

What are the terms of a private investigator business bond?

If the principal remains compliant with all regulations and performs all business faithfully and honestly, South Carolina private detective surety bonds remain effective and must be renewed each year. In the event that any provisions or conditions stated in the bond are disobeyed, the bond becomes null and void following a claim.

How to become a licensed private detective in South Carolina

To become a licensed private detective in South Carolina, applicants must first meet several specific qualifications:

  1. Be 21 years older or more
  2. Be a United States citizen
  3. Pass a criminal background check
    Applicants will be denied if ever convicted of a felony or crime of moral turpitude
    Applicants cannot have any pending criminal charges as this may be grounds for disqualification
  4. Veterans must have an honorable discharge, general under honorable discharge, or uncharacterized discharge
  5. A position of conflicting interest may not be held except law enforcement officers working unregistered for Premise Companies under the Moonlighting statute

Applicants must also complete the following licensing requirements before obtaining their private detective license to operate a private investigative business.

  • Have a substantial amount of experience or training
  • Three years of employment as a full-time sworn police officer employed in an investigative capacity or the equivalent amount of experience while a registered employee of a licensed PI business
  • Training in criminal justice can also be applied toward the experience requirement and the amount of credit required is as follows:
    Certificate of study for private investigators: Six months of credit
    Associate’s degree: Six months of credit
    Bachelor’s degree: One year of credit
    Graduate degree: One and a half years of credit

Criminal justice degrees are available from schools in various South Carolina cities. These degrees can also be obtained through online schooling.

The next step toward obtaining a private investigator license is to complete a license application.

  1. Submit a completed private investigator license application and have it notarized
  2. Pay the $350 license fee made out to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division via money order, cashier’s check, or company check
  3. Two complete sets of fingerprint cards must be included in the application
  4. Include a color photograph taken within the past three months
  5. Post your $10,000 private investigator surety bond
  6. Include a statement from your county’s Clerk of Court’s office to indicate you have no outstanding civil judgments
  7. All additional forms required with the application can be found on the SC Private Investigative Forms Page
    Incorporation Form (PD/PS-9)
    Disclosure of Principles Form
    PI Contract Sample

Once your license has been issued, it will remain in effect for one year. Renewing your license will require 12 hours of continuing education credit.

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